Government Contracting Resources Partnership

The leading providers of government contracts products and services, the Washington University Law School Government Contracts Program and CCH proudly announce their partnership to provide authoritative government contracting resources for procurement professionals and attorneys. By pooling their knowledge and expertise, these groups now publish a collection of the most authoritative texts in the field, including Formation of Government Contracts, Administration of Government Contracts, The Government Contracts Reference Book, and the recently revised Competitive Negotiation.

The George Washington University Law School Government Contracts Program was established in 1960. Professor emeritus Ralph C. Nash, Jr. and professor emeritus John Cibinic, Jr. built the program into a national resource devoted to teaching, research, and publishing in the field of federal procurement law. Together, they have provided expert guidance and analysis on the rules of federal contracting for over 30 years. That tradition is carried on today by the knowledgeable and experienced government contracts faculty at The George Washington University Law School.

For more than 80 years, CCH, which publishes the Government Contracts Reporter, Contract Appeals Decisions (the BCA Reporter), and the Cost Accounting Standards Guide, has set the standard for research and compliance tools for government contracting professionals. The Government Contracts product portfolio has built a reputation for editorial excellence, quick response to constant changes in government regulations and legislation, and expert guidance in government contracting.

For a complete catalog of the available resources, contact CCH at 800-248-3248 or visit the company Web site.