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CCH's Capital Changes product line provides facts and figures needed to compute a security holder’s gain or loss from capital changes. It's an invaluable, unique resource that is relied on by professionals who . . .

  • Perform tax basis calculations for securities
  • Provide investment planning advice
  • Prepare estate planning reports
  • Prepare tax returns for clients with stock portfolios
  • Manage investment portfolios
  • Manage equity assets in mutual funds
  • Act as trustee for individual or corporate clients
  • Maintain cost basis information on periodic client statements

The Capital Changes family of products include:

U.S. Capital Changes Products:
Capital Changes
Capital Changes
Reports Daily
Capital Changes
Direct Data Feed

Available in print weekly, CD-ROM monthly and Internet (every 2 weeks)
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Delivered daily via Internet or Lotus Notes.
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Provides subscribers "raw" data for integration into internal systems on a daily basis.
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ADR/Global Capital Changes Historical
Now available via the Internet! All reporting instituted since the inception of the new ADR/Global Daily product is included (the period from November 1999 to the present) and will be updated on a monthly basis. More Info...

ADR/Global Changes Products:
Coverage of American Depositary Receipts and Global Securities are available in three formats.

ADR/Global Capital Changes Daily ADR/Global Capital Changes Daily
Direct Data Feed
Delivered daily via Internet or Lotus Notes.
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Provides subscribers the "raw" data for integration into internal systems on a daily basis.
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GainsKeeper develops Internet-based technology solutions to meet the complex reporting and portfolio analysis needs of professional and independent investors. GainsKeeper Institutional Services (GKIS) provides the first fully automated tax lot accounting (TLA) engine that includes tracking and automatic adjustments for wash sales and corporate actions, and analytical tools, which can be deployed to meet the various business needs of each client.

GainsKeeper delivers its products and services to mutual fund administrators, brokerage firms, advisors and their clients. GKIS processes millions of transactions each year for its global clients and has responsibility for accounts with over $100 billion in assets. GainsKeeper is owned by Wolters Kluwer North America and is part of CCH INCORPORATED.

For more information on GainsKeeper, visit http://www.gkis.net.

Features shared by all Capital Change products

  • A team of experts monitors publicly held companies, providing reports on all activities that might have tax consequences for shareholders.
  • The CCH Basis Factor™ makes it easy to calculate changes to basis resulting from capital changes.
  • Precise reporting of fair market values and changes in basis resulting from corporate actions, allow subscribers to properly book a transaction.
  • Includes summaries of taxability provided by the company, its tax counsel, or its accountants regarding tax consequences of corporate distributions.
  • CCH explanations, offers insight concerning complicated issues.

Transactions Covered

  • Mergers of Publicly Traded Targets
  • Exchange Offers
  • Recapitalizations
  • Reorganizations
  • Stock Dividends, Splits and Other Distributions of Securities
  • Cash Purchase Offers for Securities
  • Name Changes
  • Poison Pill Plans
  • Rights Offerings
  • Offering, Adjustment and Call of Convertible or Exchangeable Securities
  • Calls, Conversion Adjustments and Warrant Extensions
  • Liquidating and Principal Distributions
  • Bankruptcies

    For more information please call 800-449-6435.