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DoD Updates Requirements for Multiyear Contracting

The Department of Defense has finalized a proposed rule ( 70,020.291) that amends the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement to update and clarify the requirements for multiyear contracting. The rule follows an internal DoD policy decision to perform a comprehensive review of DFARS Subpart 217.1, Multiyear Contracting. The rule reorganizes existing coverage, including the co-location of basic congressional notification requirements under DFARS 217.170, General. Additionally, the rule merges the contents of DFARS 217.173, Multiyear contracts for weapons systems, and DFARS 217.174, Multiyear contracts that employ economic order quantity procurement, into DFARS 217.170 and DFARS 217.172, Multiyear contracts for supplies. The rule removes DFARS 217.174. Further, the requirements governing multiyear contracts for military family housing, previously at DFARS 217.171(b), have been separated and highlighted in DFARS 217.173, which has been renamed "Multiyear contracts for military family housing." According to DoD, the rule makes no changes to existing DoD policy and does not implement any statutorily mandated acquisition-related thresholds. DoD made a minor editorial change and several minor technical changes in the final version of the rule. DoD has also made corresponding changes to the DFARS companion resource, Procedures, Guidance, and Information, at PGI 217.100 and PGI 217.174. For the text of the final rule, effective September 20, 2011, see 70,016.676.




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