GSA Finalizes Rule on Protests, Disputes, and Appeals

The General Services Administration has finalized, with minor changes, a proposed rule (70,033.36) revising GSAR Part 533, Protests, Disputes, and Appeals. The final rule deletes the prescription at GSAR 533.103-72, and the clause at GSAR 552.233-70, Protests Filed Directly with the General Services Administration, because they repeat much of a related FAR clause. A portion of the GSAR 552.233-70 clause is, however, retained at GSAR 533.103-1 to clarify GSA's rules in the context of the FAR process. The rule also deletes the clause at GSAR 552.233-71, Disputes (Utility Contracts), and its prescription at GSAR 533.215, pursuant to a request by GSA's Public Buildings Service. Editorial changes are made to GSAR 533.211, Contracting officer's decision, to avoid repeating FAR 33.211 prescription information, to clarify GSA-unique requirements, and to recognize the creation of the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals. Finally, a new provision at GSAR 533.209 states the Office of Inspector General is the GSA official responsible for investigating fraud. The rule is part of GSA's Acquisition Manual Rewrite Initiative. For the text of the final rule, effective January 8, 2009, see 70,030.115.


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