Volume 8, January 2012
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Product News

New product: RBsource reimagines the way you research rules, regulations, and related SEC guidance

A new research tool powered by the Securities Redbook (Securities Act Handbook), RBsource offers securities laws, rules, regulations and forms together with related SEC guidance and interpretations. With RBsource, you will have SEC guidance related to a specific law, regulation, or rule at your fingertips without the need of further searching or browsing. RBsource uniquely associates related content, going beyond the limits of standard searching making research more streamlined and productive. This intuitive research tool will drastically reduce your research time and provide the unparalleled confidence expected from the trusted Securities Act Handbook.

Among the many RBsource features are:

  • Related content from rules, regulations, forms and SEC Guidance always in view
  • Multiple browse paths—Laws, Rules, Regulations; Practice Matter Topics; and Favorites
  • Personalize your content with user notes and highlights
  • Practice Matter Topics mapped by Wolters Kluwer securities attorney-editors
  • Current and future effective language is exposed in context. Choose to view current language, future effective language, or both
  • Updated daily

To learn more about RBsource, or to sign up for a 14-day trial, click here or contact your Wolters Kluwer account representative.

New topic for Blue Sky Law Smart Charts

“Decisions Involving Statutes of Limitations” is the new topic you can research using the Smart Charts comparative tool which is part of Internet subscriptions to the Blue Sky Law Reporter. (Smart Charts allow you to research a topic among multiple jurisdictions and view the information in a chart or matrix format.)

New Health Law Website and Blog

This new Wolters Kluwer Law & Business website serves the health law community with a blog written by Wolters Kluwer editors as well as industry experts. It also provides Twitter feeds, mobile apps, weekly NetNews updates, product news and a knowledge center. Updated daily, blog content focuses on topics related to health care compliance, reimbursement, and food and drugs. You’ll find this new blog at http://health.wolterskluwerlb.com.

Free newsletter included with subscriptions to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Reporter

Subscriptions to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Reporter include, at no extra charge, the new CFPB Watch newsletter. Written by senior attorneys from the Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP Consumer Financial Services Group, CFPB Watch gives additional insight and commentary on the impact of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with a focus on current Bureau activities. Click here for a PDF of the current issue.

CPFB Watchis found on IntelliConnect in the Consumer Financial Services Practice Area under News & Current Awareness. Subscribers can also arrange push email delivery in two different formats:

  1. Within IntelliConnect, use Tracker News > Sign up for E-Newsletters/Report Letters and add “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPB Watch - Ferrara, Dewey & LeBoeuf” to email delivery or RSS feed
  2. Or contact your Wolters Kluwer account representative to arrange email delivery of a PDF file


Two new IntelliConnect features provide greater flexibility

Library View
The new Library View option on the Browse pane gives you an alternate navigation route through IntelliConnect. The Library View will display a single library in a full-width Browse pane, conveniently expanding any grouped publications. This view is especially helpful for state content such as State Banking and State Tax where listings of individual states make for a lengthy Browse Tree. And “jump to” links allow you to quickly switch from topic to topic (or from Federal to State to International content, etc.). From within each library, you can check the box next to any or all of the publications to run a search, or you can menu walk to a document in a specific publication. Click here to view a short demo.

Search Suggestions
With this new automated feature, IntelliConnect will suggest various search terms when you type letters into the search expression box. You can point to the suggested term and hit “Go” to search at any time. This new feature, which is similar to what you see on many websites, will suggest frequently searched terms as you type into the IntelliConnect search bar. You can turn the feature off at any time by going to the preferences menu. The dictionary that feeds the Search Suggestions feature will be continually updated by our Wolters Kluwer editorial experts. Send your suggestions for terms to Customer Support via email at customerservice@wolterskluwer.com

Enhancement to IntelliConnect Trackers when accessed via IC Mobile on iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry

Trackers that publish less often than daily, such as report letters, are now grouped between Today’s News and Most Recent News. So, for example, if you check your mobile on a day other than a report letter’s publication date, you will see the report letter’s most recent issues under Recent News.
Note: In order to be able to view Trackers on a mobile device, you must first set up the Trackers in the Tracker News section of IntelliConnect by clicking Add/Modify Trackers and then selecting them from the list based upon your subscriptions.

Jim Hamilton Securities blog now accessible on iPhone and iPad

The popular Jim Hamilton’s World of Securities Regulation blog can now be read on your iPhone or iPad—so you can keep up with Jim’s latest views and insights wherever you go. To download the free app, go to the Apple App Store and search for “Jim Hamilton.” The app is called “JH Sec Reg.”

Training & Customer Support

Training Tip for IntelliConnect

Have you tried the new Library View when browsing content within IntelliConnect?
Click the “Library View” command (at the top of the Browse pane) to view contents of a single Library with first-level nodes automatically expanded and displayed across the full width of the IntelliConnect window. You can access a frequently used Library more quickly by clicking the “Make this my starting library” link and also by changing your Preferences so that “Library View” is your default along with checking the box to “Skip the Home page upon login.” Click here to watch a brief video on Browsing within IntelliConnect

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business offers a variety of complimentary training and support options for its customers:

LegalPro Training

Register and attend one of our LegalPro training sessions where you connect to a webinar and dial in to a conference call, and one of our professional trainers will guide you through the use of your subscription service. Most sessions are limited to a single registrant, although the connection details may be shared with others in your firm. (Click here to view registration instructions.)
To view upcoming sessions in a variety of formats:
Month-by-month Calendar view
Listing view (sortable by Course name or Date)

Course-specific links:
IntelliConnect Training
This one-hour instructor-led introductory course guides new IntelliConnect users through their subscription content using Browse, Search and Citation-retrieval functions. Instructors will point out customization options for staying current as well as time-saving tools included in your subscription.

RBsource Training
This 30-minute training session will have you hands-on within RBsource retrieving federal securities laws, rules and regulations and forms along with related SEC guidance.

LoislawConnect Enhancements Overview
Attend this 30-minute webinar to watch one of our professional trainers guide you through the recent enhancements now available within LoislawConnect.

LoislawConnect Training
This one-hour session is designed for new subscribers who want to learn about their subscription content and the research functionality within LoislawConnect

SECnet Training
Attend this one-hour session to learn how to efficiently research and retrieve SEC filings.

Email a request for training
Send us your training request via email: LegalTraining@WoltersKluwer.com to arrange for personal telephone training on specific content.

Check out our Training Resources for Legal Professionals website
for additional online resources regarding our internet products and platforms. You can review materials by Platform/Application, such as IntelliConnect, Kluwer Arbitration and LoislawConnect, or by type of material, such as LegalPro Training, Videos or Other Resources.

Contact Wolters Kluwer Law & Business Customer Support

IntelliConnect and RBsource subscriptions:
CHAT: http://support.cch.com/chat/techsupport (available 8 am to 6 pm CT Monday-Friday)
CALL: 1-800-449-6435 (available 8 am to 8 pm CT Monday - Friday)

LoislawConnect and Kluwer Law International subscriptions:
CLICK: http://estore.loislaw.com/t-contact.aspx
EMAIL: supportservices@loislaw.com (available 3 am to 10 pm CT Monday-Friday)
CALL: 1-877-471-5632 (available 8 am to 8 pm CT Monday - Friday)

SECnet and IPO Vital Signs:
CALL: 1-800-955-5219 (toll-free) or 1-202-842-7355 (toll)