Volume 8, Number 6, June 2012
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Product News

Employment Law Daily's mobile app now available on Android smartphone or tablet in addition to iPad, iPhone, and BlackBerry

"ELD Mobile" is now available for Android devices in addition to iPad, iPhone and BlackBerry devices, giving CCH Employment Law Daily subscribers greater flexibility in accessing breaking court decisions and legislative developments in a convenient, feature-rich mobile interface. "ELD Mobile" Apps are included with your subscription, and have been designed to save you time and effort.

ELD Mobile allows you to:

  • Customize your home page to view the information most important to you
  • Filter by top story, jurisdiction, topical area, or what’s most popular
  • Forward critical information, along with your commentary, to colleagues or clients using our copyright permissions and the App’s email functionality
  • Store your favorites to a "favorites” folder, keep privately notated articles in a "notes" folder and more

ELD Mobile is an easy way to keep up with the latest labor and employment law developments anytime, anywhere. To learn more, visit employmentlawdaily.com or link directly to the version that best meets your need:

For ELD Mobile for Android, click here (Google Play App Store)
For ELD Mobile for iPad, click here (Apple iTunes App Store)
For ELD Mobile for iPhone, click here (Apple iTunes App Store)
For ELD Mobile for Blackberry, click here (BlackBerry App World Store)

RBsource continues to re-imagine the way you research rules, regulations, and related SEC guidance

This new research tool powered by the Securities Redbook (Securities Act Handbook) offers securities laws, rules, regulations and forms together with related SEC guidance and interpretations. With RBsource, you get SEC guidance related to a specific law, regulation, or rule at your fingertips without the need of further searching or browsing. RBsource also uniquely associates related content, going beyond the limits of standard searching making research more streamlined and productive. This intuitive research tool will drastically reduce your research time and provide the unparalleled confidence expected from the trusted Securities Act Handbook.

Among the many RBsource features are:

  • Related content from rules, regulations, forms and SEC Guidance always in view
  • Multiple browse paths—Laws, Rules, Regulations; Practice Matter Topics; and Favorites
  • Personalize your content with user notes and highlights
  • Practice Matter Topics mapped by Wolters Kluwer securities attorney-editors
  • Current and future effective language is exposed in context. Choose to view current language, future effective language, or both
  • Updated daily

To learn more about RBsource, or to sign up for a 14-day trial, click here or contact your Wolters Kluwer account representative.


SLA Conference & Info Expo, July 15-17, Chicago (Booth 422)
AALL Annual Meeting & Conference, July 21-24, Boston (Booth 1008, 908)

We look forward to seeing you at these events where you’ll learn about new products such as IP Law Daily, Health Reform Toolkit, and RBsource. And there will be a mobility kiosk where you can view our digital products and apps. So be sure to stop by our booth for all this and much more.


Training & Customer Support

Training Tip for IntelliConnect

How can I limit the amount of subscription content available when I'm searching or browsing?

Use Practice Areas (command is at top of Browse panel or in the top right menu commands) to create up to 20 Practice Area Profiles with customizable content. Then you can switch between Practice Area Profiles as needed. Save content used frequently into My Favorites so that it is available regardless of which Practice Area Profile is in use.

Training Tip for LoislawConnect

How should I format a search when I'm looking for a proper name, say in a case title?

When searching for proper names, use NEAR3 as connector to force terms to occur within 3 words of each other. Proper names, such as the names of appellants or judges, or the names of buildings and landmarks, often appear inconsistently in the law. For example, some jurisdictions use middle initials in reference to judges, whereas others use the judges' full names. To cover the range of options, use the 'near' connector when searching for names.

For example:

Type: william near3 johnson to find 'william' within 3 terms of 'johnson' and locate occurrences such as "William P. Johnson," "William Paul Johnson," "Johnson, William P.,"

If a jurisdiction used, just the first and middle initials, for example, W. P. Johnson, then Type:  W near3 P near3 Johnson.

To combine the two above searches, Type: (William or W) near3 (Paul or P) near3 Johnson

The NEAR connector can also be a shortcut when looking for multiple names in a case name. For example, the case, Texas Teachers Assn. v. Garland School Dist., can be retrieved by searching in case name for: teachers near garland.

LegalPro Training

Due to a change in scheduling software, the LegalPro Training calendar http://business.cch.com/legalprotraining is temporarily unavailable for July 2012. We hope to begin scheduling complimentary training sessions by mid-July. Thank you for your patience.

In the interim, you can request customized telephone training for your online subscription service by sending an email to: LegalTraining@WoltersKluwer.com, and one of our professional trainers will contact you to arrange a session.

Training Resources for Legal Professionals website
Check out our Training Resources for Legal Professionals website for additional online resources regarding our internet products and platforms. You can review materials by Platform/Application, such as IntelliConnect, Kluwer Arbitration and LoislawConnect, or by type of material, such as LegalPro Training, Videos or Other Resources.

Contact Wolters Kluwer Law & Business Customer Support

IntelliConnect and RBsource subscriptions:
CHAT: http://support.cch.com/chat/techsupport (available 8 am to 6 pm CT Monday-Friday)
CALL: 1-800-449-6435 (available 8 am to 8 pm CT Monday - Friday)

LoislawConnect and Kluwer Law International subscriptions:
CLICK: http://estore.loislaw.com/t-contact.aspx
EMAIL: supportservices@loislaw.com (available 3 am to 10 pm CT Monday-Friday)
CALL: 1-877-471-5632 (available 8 am to 8 pm CT Monday - Friday)

SECnet and IPO Vital Signs:
CALL: 1-800-955-5219 (toll-free) or 1-202-842-7355 (toll)