Volume 9, Number 8, August 2013
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Enhancements to PRRB Smart Chart

The PRRB Smart Chart has been enhanced to include two versions, allowing easy access to decisions by Topic or Provider/Group name:
PRRB Smart Chart—By Topic
PRRB Smart Chart—By Provider or Group Name

The Provider Reimbursement Review Board, which is under the administration of CMS, conducts hearings and renders decisions on cost report appeals from Medicare providers, such as hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, and hospices. Decisions of the PRRB are reviewable by the CMS Administrator and by the courts.

The PRRB Smart Chart is available when your IntelliConnect subscription includes the Medicare and Medicaid Guide . The Smart Chart is designed to help you quickly find and track PRRB decisions, from 2003 to the present, on health care topics, as well as subsequent related decisions by the CMS Administrator and the federal courts.

The newly updated PRRB Smart Chart is another example of why the Medicare and Medicaid Guide, especially as available on IntelliConnect, is the “go-to” resource for timely primary source information and analysis relating to the Medicare and Medicaid programs. (You can find the PRRB Smart Chart on the IntelliConnect Browse Tree menu within Medicare and Medicaid Guide, Medicare and Medicaid Toolkit).



WTO Litigation, Investment Arbitration, and Commercial Arbitration

This new title provides a practical cross-cutting analysis of the different dispute settlement mechanisms that exist in international trade and investment and offers valuable insights into how to use best practices among the three systems. For more information and to order: http://www.kluwerlaw.com/Catalogue/titleinfo.htm?wbc_purpose=basic%252f%3fcategorytitle%3fmode?ProdID=9041146865&name=WTO-Litigation%2c-Investment-Arbitration%2c-and-Commercial-Arbitration

Arbitration in Switzerland. The Practitioner's Guide

This incomparable book clearly shows practitioners how to navigate all the practical details of any kind of arbitration in any of the many venues located in Switzerland. Whether a dispute involves intellectual property, construction, trusts, sports, investment, or any of the other problem areas where arbitration promises the best resolution, arbitrators and the parties they represent will find all the information and guidance they need here. For more information and to order: http://www.kluwerlaw.com/Catalogue/titleinfo.htm?ProdID=9041133771&name=Arbitration-in-Switzerland.-The-Practitioner%27s-Guide

International Arbitration in Sweden. A Practitioner's Guide

Sweden is among a handful of countries where the international arbitral process has reached the stage where jurisprudence is replete with instances involving no local parties at all. Due in all likelihood to this context of especially credible neutrality, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) has emerged as a leading global arbitral institution. This new volume, written by thirteen eminent practitioners, is a practical guide to international arbitration in Sweden, whether ad hoc or institutional. For more information and to order:

Training & Customer Support

Training Tip for IntelliConnect

If your IntelliConnect subscription includes Almanac of the Federal Judiciary, can individuals access it via the IC Mobile app

Yes, just follow the steps below to gain access to Almanac of the Federal Judiciary within IC Mobile app:

  1. Locate Almanac of the Federal Judiciary within the IntelliConnect Browse Tree menu – click this link for immediate access
  2. Click the diamond icon to the left of the title to add it to your My Favorites within IntelliConnect
  3. Install/log in to IC Mobile app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device (Note: you must have an IntelliConnect User ID to use IC Mobile app)
  4. Customize the Home page of IC Mobile app by clicking “Add/Remove Favorites” (on iPhone) or “Add or remove favorites on this screen” (on iPad)
  5. Scroll down to “Add IntelliConnect Favorites” section
  6. Check the box for “Almanac of the Federal Judiciary” and then “Apply Changes”
  7. That’s it! Almanac of the Federal Judiciary will now be on your IC Mobile app’s Home page, allowing quick and easy searching or browsing

Tip! Use the “Save to Folder” command to add a Judge’s document to a Research Folder for easy future access from either IC Mobile app or IntelliConnect.

For more information about using IC Mobile v2.0, access the IC Mobile v2.0 User Guide.

LegalPro Training

Our LegalPro Training calendar contains pre-scheduled complimentary training sessions for IntelliConnect, LoislawConnect, RBSource, SECnet, and Kluwer services (including Kluwer IP Law, Kluwer Arbitration and Kluwer Competition Law).

Note: Registrations for IntelliConnect and LoislawConnect trainings are limited to a single person, so that each session can be customized to the individual’s subscription and research needs; however, participants are welcome to share connection details with others in their firm.

You may also send an email to LegalTraining@WoltersKluwer.com and request a customized training for a product/platform on a specific date/time, and one of our professional trainers will contact you to arrange a session.

Training Resources for Legal Professionals website

New Training Videos:

Review additional training resource materials by Platform/Application, such as IntelliConnect, Kluwer Arbitration, Kluwer Competition Law, Kluwer IP Law, LoislawConnect, and RBsource or by type of material, such as LegalPro Training, Videos or Other Resources.

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