Volume 9, Number 3, March 2013
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Product News

IntelliConnect—CFPB Examination Manuals now available in the Consumer Credit Guide

Portions of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Examination Manual that are pertinent to credit regulation are now available in the Consumer Credit Guide.

The Manual guides CFPB examiners in overseeing companies that provide consumer financial products and services. The examination procedures are integrated into the Guide’s topical arrangement.

Product-based examination procedures for larger participants in the consumer reporting market and for short-term, small-dollar lending, as well as statutory and regulation-based procedures for unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices are located under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau menu heading. Examination procedures for the Truth in Lending Act, Consumer Leasing Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act and Equal Credit Opportunity Act are found under the corresponding menu heading for each Act. The examination procedures follow the explanations, laws and regulations under their respective menu heading.

If you subscribe to the Consumer Credit Guide on IntelliConnect, click here to access the Examination Procedures for the CFPB Consumer Leasing Act.


Wolters Kluwer implements new system for order management and billing

This month Wolters Kluwer transitions to a new system (SAP) that will enable higher levels of customer service. The change affects the appearance of invoices, and customers will have new account numbers. You can view an example of the new invoice format at Support.CCH.com/Answers. Your new account number will appear on your next invoice, but you can see your new account number now by going to Support.CCH.com and signing into My Account. If you have not previously registered for My Account, you’ll find instructions for doing so at Support.CCH.com.

Training & Customer Support

Training Tip for IntelliConnect and LoislawConnect

Do IntelliConnect and LoislawConnect provide Natural Language word searching?
While IntelliConnect and LoislawConnect do not allow Natural Language searching, they both provide helpful alternative search options to return equivalent results and also provide sorting tools to pare down large results lists to on-point material. For example, use the following steps within IntelliConnect and LoislawConnect to get similar results to the following Natural Language search expression: In what situations are punitive damages often granted in breach of contract actions?


  1. Search “all content” for search expression using key words with spaces in between terms, with quotes to force phrases, and Thesaurus ON. (A space is interpreted as “AND”)
    For example: grant punitive damages “breach of contract”
  2. If needed, re-sort results to Relevance
  3. Additional Options:
    • Search “within results” for new key word(s)
    • Use Filters to restrict results by: Doc Type, Library, Court and/or Jurisdiction


  1. Search selected database(s) and enter key words, using “AND” between terms into the “Search Entire Document” field. (Quotes are not needed to force a phrase. Basic endings such as past tense, plural, and “ing” and “tion” endings are automatically applied to all terms.)
    For example: grant and punitive damages and breach of contract
  2. Change results display to Relevance order
  3. Additional Options:
    • Place the tilde symbol, ~, in front of key terms (with or without a space) to activate the thesaurus and return synonyms for your key words. For example: ~ grant and ~ punitive damages and ~ breach of contract
    • Use the green Refine Results button to search for additional key words/phrases
    • Use Filters on the left to restrict results to specific Jurisdiction, Court or Type of Document

LegalPro Training

Our LegalPro Training calendar contains pre-scheduled complimentary training sessions. Registrations for IntelliConnect and LoislawConnect training sessions are limited to a single person, so that each session can be customized to the individual’s subscription and research needs. You may also send an email to LegalTraining@WoltersKluwer.com and request a customized training for a product/platform on a specific date/time, and one of our professional trainers will contact you to arrange a session.

Training Resources for Legal Professionals website
Check out our website — Training Resources for Legal Professionals for additional online resources regarding our internet products and platforms. You can review materials by Platform/Application, such as IntelliConnect, Kluwer Arbitration and LoislawConnect, or by type of material, such as LegalPro Training, Videos or Other Resources.

Contact Wolters Kluwer Law & Business Customer Support

IntelliConnect and RBsource subscriptions:
CHAT: http://support.cch.com/chat/techsupport (available 8 am to 6 pm CT Monday-Friday)
CALL: 1-800-449-6435 (available 8 am to 8 pm CT Monday - Friday)

LoislawConnect and Kluwer Law International subscriptions:
CLICK: http://estore.loislaw.com/t-contact.aspx
EMAIL: supportservices@loislaw.com (available 3 am to 10 pm CT Monday-Friday)
CALL: 1-877-471-5632 (available 8 am to 8 pm CT Monday - Friday)

SECnet and IPO Vital Signs:
CALL: 1-800-955-5219 (toll-free) or 1-202-842-7355 (toll)