Volume 9, Number 11, November 2013
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IntelliConnect enhanced with features for customization and collaboration

As we continue to advance the IntelliConnect user experience to meet your needs, we’re happy to announce a series of new enhancements that allow you to customize and personalize your research experience and also share your research with colleagues.

IntelliConnect now gives you the ability to:

  • Add Notes and Highlights—Make and save notes and/or add highlights to documents within IntelliConnect. Keep notes and highlights for your own personal use or share them using shared research folders.
  • Share Research Folders—Create and share your research folders, including your notes and highlights, with other users in your account. Plus, you can customize who to share with, what type of access they have (read vs. write), and how long they have access to the folder.
  • Save Smart Charts™ to Research Folders—Save the Smart Charts you create to your research folders for future use, and share them with others as needed.
  • Save Specific Sections of Publications as Favorites—Save any part of a publication—a document, a chapter, or a section—as a favorite. You decide!
  • Interact More with Docs Opened in a New Window—View Relate buttons, and add notes and highlights to documents you’ve opened in a new window.
  • Order Favorites and Sort Results—Organize your favorites however you choose, plus search results returned in Categorized View can now be sorted by most recent.
  • Reference a Longer History—We’ve increased the capacity of a user’s history up to one year.

For more information on these features, click here to view a brief demo or click here to download a quick reference card.


COMING SOON: New Health Reform Solution

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business is pleased to announce the development of a new Health Reform Dashboard (official product name to be released upon trademark approval). The Health Reform Dashboard will launch in February 2014 and serve as a single destination site for breaking news, research and tools. Key offerings include:

  • Breaking news service providing authoritative analysis with practical “how-to” perspectives from attorneys and key industry experts. News will be available via the dashboard, email, mobile apps and RSS
  • Law and regulation tracking tool with date/task notification and calendar functionality
  • Regulatory alert widget customizable by topic and date
  • Numerous quick links to Smart Chart answer tools, editorial-driven checklists, in-depth analysis, expert-authored treatises, white papers, primary source documents and more

This new offering will have customization functionality, making it the ideal solution for health attorneys, benefits attorneys, employment law attorneys, tax attorneys, in-house counsel, human resources and health care professionals.

To preview this new product, click here for a brief two-minute video. For more details and to request a free trial starting in January, contact your Wolters Kluwer Account Representative.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Reporter now available

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Reporter, a service dedicated to providing complete coverage of all the rules, regulations and enforcement activities that are supervised by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Available online and in print, the Reporter includes practice commentary and analysis by Ralph C. Ferrara and Timothy Q. Karcher of Proskauer Rose LLP and original co-author Gary Apfel of Pepper Hamilton LLP. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Reporter is an essential tool that helps legal practitioners and their corporate clients navigate this complex, evolving environment.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been extremely active throughout 2013, issuing regulations and guidance on a diverse and wide array of consumer finance issues affecting the mortgage industry, lenders to students, credit card issuers and newly-regulated debt collectors, as well as engaging in direct supervision and examinations of certain financial entities. The online version of the Reporter includes Current Developments QuickCharts as well as the CFPB Watch newsletter, the latter written by attorneys at Proskauer Rose LLP.

Here are some quick links for current IntelliConnect subscribers:
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Reporter

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPB Watch

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau QuickCharts - Consumer Products and Services

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau QuickCharts – Current Developments

For more information, click here or contact your Wolters Kluwer Account Representative.

Guide to DFARS Contract Clauses, 2014 Edition

The Guide to DFARS Contract Clauses: Detailed Compliance Information for Government Contracts provides the full text of every DFARS solicitation provision and contract clause, followed by a detailed plain English explanation, relevant reporting requirements, subcontract flowdowns, corresponding Federal Acquisition Regulation clause, and other important compliance information.

The guide provides clear explanations of compliance requirements so that associated costs can be considered during proposal development. It also provides flowdown requirements, which helps ensure that they’re included in relevant subcontracts. Recent amendments are highlighted so you can track changes to the regulation and keep abreast of changes pertaining to new solicitations. A list of the prior version of each clause or provision allows you to locate versions that apply to earlier contracts, which is particularly helpful for multi-year contracts. For more information and to order, visit store.wolterskluwerlb.com or call 800-248-3248.


Training Tip for IntelliConnect

What is the best mobile app for IntelliConnect researchers, IC Mobile or CCH Mobile, and how do I know which to recommend?

Any researcher with an IntelliConnect User ID and Password can access IntelliConnect “on the go” via two powerful complimentary apps. The apps look and function almost exactly the same, and researchers can use either app. However the key to deciding which app to recommend lies in the two primary differences of these apps: (1) What is seen initially as the default “Favorites” displayed on the Home screen and (2) the Citation Look-ups that are available.

IC Mobile is a general app for all IntelliConnect subscribers.

  • Home: The default “Favorites” includes selected titles for Securities, Business Franchise, Corporation Law, Government Contracts, Health Care Reimbursement, Pension, plus Tax, and other practice areas—if those titles are available within a customer’s subscription.
  • Citations Look-up: Contains templates for Federal Banking, Trade Regulation, Federal Securities, Employment Practices, Trademark and Tax—if that content is part of a customer’s subscription.

CCH Mobile is ideal for those who are primarily researching Tax content.

  • Home: The default “Favorites” only includes Tax content. However, other content in Securities, Business Franchise, Corporation Law, Government Contracts and other practice areas can be added to the Home screen (see below).
  • Citations Look-up: Contains templates only for Federal Tax

The Home page of both apps is easily customized to include a researcher’s personal “Favorites” previously selected within IntelliConnect. Simply tap the Add or remove favorites on this screen on either app’s Home page, select items from the “Add IntelliConnect Favorites” section, tap Apply Changes, and those items can be browsed and searched “on the go.”

All IntelliConnect subscribers have access to both IC Mobile and CCH Mobile apps. Both apps are fully “on the cloud” and interactive; Research Folders are fully accessible from the desktop and vice versa, and the same is true with History, Tracker News and so much more!

Download either app for free from the iTunes store for Apple devices or Google Play for Android powered devices.

LegalPro Training

The following four courses are offered three times a month through December 2013 and are designed to introduce new associates to content and features within their IntelliConnect subscription:

You can continue to promote our general LegalPro Training calendar that lists regularly scheduled sessions for:

*IntelliConnect and LoislawConnect registrations are limited to a single person, so that each session can be customized to that individual’s subscription and research needs. However, registrants are welcome to share webinar connection details with others in their organization.

You may also send an email to LegalTraining@WoltersKluwer.com to request a complimentary telephone training for your firm.

Whether you want a brief, high-level overview for a group, or in-depth hands-on training for an individual, our professional Trainers will customize the session to your needs to ensure that you get the most out of your online subscription from Wolters Kluwer Law & Business.

Training Resources for Legal Professionals

Updated Training Materials

The following three items were posted in October and updated again this month to reflect the most recent enhancements to IntelliConnect:


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