Volume 10, Number 4, April 2014
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New product: Volcker Rule QuickCharts

The new Volcker Rule QuickCharts cover every aspect of the Rule—from Trading and Covered Fund Activities/Investments to Compliance Programs—to help legal practitioners and their corporate clients navigate this complex, evolving environment.

The Final Rule issued in December implementing section 619 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (the “Volcker Rule” or “Rule”) imposes new and potentially severe limitations on domestic and foreign banking entities’ activities in regard to proprietary trading and investments in “covered funds.”

As you counsel clients on the ramifications of the Rule, the Volcker Rule QuickCharts is the one resource that will assist you in staying up-to-date with all of the changes.

For more information and to subscribe to the tool, contact your Wolters Kluwer Account Representative.

New tracking alert functionality for Health Reform KnowlEDGE Center

The Health Reform KnowlEDGE Center now includes the added functionality of a law and regulatory tracking alert. With our attorney experts updating the product daily, attorneys can be confident that they are not missing any important changes to laws and regulations in the area of health reform.

The ideal solution for health attorneys, benefits attorneys, employment law attorneys, tax attorneys, in-house counsel, human resources and health care professionals, the Health Reform KnowlEDGE Center is a single destination for breaking news, research and tools. In addition to the new tracking alert functionality, key offerings include:

  • WK-EDGE breaking news service providing authoritative analysis with practical “how-to” perspectives from attorneys and key industry experts delivered via the dashboard, email, mobile apps and RSS
  • Law and regulation tracking tool with date/task notification and calendar functionality
  • Numerous quick links to Smart Chart answer tools, editorial-driven checklists, in-depth analysis, expert-authored treatises, white papers, primary source documents and more

For more information and to request a free trial, visit www.healthreformknowledge.com or contact your Wolters Kluwer Account Representative. Current subscribers can click this link to access the Health Reform KnowlEDGE Center

Coming Soon: A single solution for a multifaceted process-WK Trademark NavigatorTM productivity tool

The WK Trademark NavigatorTM was created in response to customer requests for a way to streamline the trademark prosecution practice. This new tool will save time and money on research and form drafting while providing in-depth expert content and analysis that is not available anywhere else. Attorneys will find exactly what they need in one integrated resource, regardless of where they are in the process—research, search, application, appeal or foreign registration.

Features include:

  • Online access to industry standards such as Allen’s Trademark Digest and the Guide to TTAB Practice
  • Comparison Charts for both domestic and foreign issues to increase research efficiency every step of the way
  • Sample forms and documents to streamline workflow and enable attorneys to proceed confidently and efficiently in their trademark prosecution work and practice before the TTAB
  • Checklists to help keep track of every step in the application, cancellation and opposition processes, including appeals

For more details and subscription information, contact your Wolters Kluwer Account Representative.

New Title: The Supreme Court on Patent Law

The Supreme Court on Patent Law is a digest of U.S. Supreme Court decisions in the field of patent law. The author catalogs the Supreme Court’s involvement in shaping patent law, from its first cases to the most recent cases, shedding important light on the evolving course of this rapidly-changing practice area. Specifically, this book examines the Court’s treatment of patentable subject matter, including a case-by-case analysis in reverse chronological order and by specific topic that describes each case in a short multi-paragraph format accompanied by key facts, key holdings and select quotations. This new title provides powerful quotations and an analytical roadmap that practitioners can use in their briefs, in arguments, and in formulating litigation strategy at each stage of the federal court system.

The principal areas of the work are the Supreme Court’s treatment of:

  • Patent law
  • Patentable subject matter
  • Claim construction
  • Statutory requirements
  • Prior art defenses
  • Equitable defenses
  • Damages
  • Willful infringement
  • Declaratory judgment jurisdiction
  • Injunctions and other remedial matters

Click here for more information and to order.

New Title: Mueller on Patent Law: Patent Enforcement

Volume 2 of a two-volume set, Mueller on Patent Law: Patent Enforcement satisfies the need for a concise, accessible and practical treatment of patent law with regards to enforcing a patent. The author discusses the defenses to patent infringement claims as well as the remedies available in such cases. Claim interpretation, including Markman hearings and standards of review, are given thorough treatment. International considerations in patenting are also included.

Mueller on Patent Law: Patent Enforcement gives the attorney or patent professional a second-to-none treatment of the current state of the law concerning correcting and challenging patents in a post-AIA world. This indispensable resource also:

  • Explains complex patent cases and concepts in a clear-cut, accessible way and identifies what is truly important about each issue
  • Accelerates legal research by providing what you “need to know” about patent enforcement without sacrificing the depth and complexity of the subject matter
  • Provides analysis of patent law in light of the legal changes that have and will occur as introduced by the passage of the America Invents Act
  • Delivers expert guidance on the patent claim interpretation
  • Includes illustrative examples of this complex area of law

The volume can be purchased separately or as part of the two-volume set. Click here for more information and to order.

Kluwer Arbitration enhanced with new content and features

Kluwer Arbitration now offers four new content enhancements and two new functional features, the latter developed as a direct result of customer feedback.


Indian Journal of Arbitration Law (IJAL) is a biannual, student-reviewed e-journal launched by the Centre for Advanced Research and Training in Arbitration Law of National Law University, Jodhpur, India. Launched in 2012, and the only journal in the field dealing extensively with arbitration in India, each issue contains a number of research articles, commentary on arbitration cases and/or legislative/procedural documents.

Annulment Summaries have been added to our recently-launched (September 2013) database, Chinese Court Decision Summaries on Arbitration edited by WunschARB. With the addition of 224 new summaries, the China database now contains nearly 500 cases. The service launched with 126 summaries related to the enforcement of arbitral awards, and in December the collection included 139 summaries focusing on the validity of arbitral awards. The content provided in the Chinese Court Decision Summaries on Arbitration is unique and unavailable elsewhere.

VAT Treatment of Arbitrator Services Smart Chart brings our suite of Question and Answer Smart Charts to six. Complementing our existing coverage of charts (topics ranging from Privacy and Confidentiality, Appointment and Challenge of Arbitrators and Sovereign Immunity), this new VAT Smart Chart provides practical guidance on VAT for arbitrator Services on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis.

International Handbook Commercial Arbitration Compare Jurisdictions Tool is based on our prestigious and authoritative International Handbook Commercial Arbitration (otherwise known as the “ICCA Handbook”), published under the leadership of General Editor Jan Paulsson and with the assistance of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA). This new tool allows users to compare information included in the ICCA Handbook country reports. Users simply select the topics/subtopics of interest to compare on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis.


Download Documents as PDF—Download a document as a PDF for saving, printing or sharing, either from within a document or from the search results list.
Help with Boolean Operators and Search Tips—An information icon is now included in the search field to refine search results.



Training Tip for RBsource

Can I create direct links to documents within RBsource?

Yes, you can create direct links to documents within RBsource.

From within RBsource, when you are on a law, regulation, form or schedule, simply copy the URL (in the Browser’s address window) and paste it into a Word file, a Shortcut on your desktop, or an email. In the future, when you are already logged in to RBsource, use that link/shortcut to access the same document.

If you are not yet logged in to RBsource, you will be prompted to log in, and the connection to the desired document may not happen completely.

In which case, after you are logged in to RBsource, simply click the link again and you’ll access the desired document.

Examples of direct links to RBsource documents:

Remember—log in to RBsource (http://rbsource.wolterskluwerlb.com) before clicking on these links.

34 Act, Rule 17a-11

NOTE: When you access this document, you will also see that subsection (e) contains an example of future language in gray section to be effective June 1, 2014. This is one of the benefits of using RBsource instead of the print materials, as you have the future and current language of a document all in one place along with the editor’s notes.

Form SD
https://rbsource.wolterskluwerlb.com/rbsource/getCitationSearchResult.action?keyWord=sd&mode=Forms and Schedules&citationName=Forms&startPage=1&pageLength=10#url=defaultCR%5Edefault


SEC Division of Corporation Finance Financial Reporting Manual Section 5220.1

Here are two more tips for easy access to RBsource:

  1. Create a Browser Favorite/Bookmark—Go directly to the URL for RBsource, https://rbsource.wolterskluwerlb.com, and create a favorite, or copy the URL into a shortcut on your desktop so that access to the most recent securities laws, regulations, and guidance material is only a few clicks away.
  2. Use IntelliConnect MY FAVORITES—Go to “Tools/Smart Charts > Securities (Federal);” click on the diamond in front of RBsource to mark that as a “Favorite.” You can then quickly link to RBsource from within MY FAVORITES at the top of the Browse menu for easy access.

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