Volume 10, Number 3, March 2014
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New Aspen treatise title added to Labor & Employment Law Library

Employment Discrimination: Law and Practice, Fourth Edition, by Charles A. Sullivan and Lauren W. Kavanagh has been added to the Aspen Titles and Other Quick Answer Guides menu on IntelliConnect. Employment Discrimination: Law and Practice provides a comprehensive and clear discussion of difficult and complex legal problems involved in employment discrimination actions. Updated through December 2013, this resource explains laws, rulings, and requirements, and delivers thorough legal analysis together with tried and tested practice materials.

Covering the scope of relevant legislation and analyzing Supreme Court cases in depth, Employment Discrimination: Law and Practice addresses topics such as disability law developments, sexual harassment, religious discrimination, and continuing violations. Expert-authored Aspen Publishers treatises feature analytic and practical guidance covering public and private employee terminations, disabilities law, employment discrimination litigation, sexual harassment in the workplace, covenants not to compete, union organizing, immigration law, and international labor and employment law compliance. You’ll get the guidance and insight needed to understand complex issues clearly, and craft the best solution for your organization.

New Proprietary Trading (Volcker) Rules included on RBsource

The new Proprietary Trading (Volcker) Rules are effective April 1, 2014. Already on RBsource, these rules implement Section 13 of the Bank Holding Company (BHC) Act, which was added by Section 619 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

To locate on RBsource, just look under Other Regulations on the RBsource home page and click Proprietary Trading Rules. Opening any of the new rules automatically links you to the Final Rulemaking Release No. BHCA-1; File No. S7-41-11 through the Related Content & Guidance window.



Training Tip for LoislawConnect

Can I limit searches to specific jurisdictions within the U.S. District Court and Bankruptcy Trial Court databases?

Yes, you can limit Loislaw searches to specific jurisdictions within both U.S. District Courts and Bankruptcy Trial Courts. Recent enhancements to Loislaw included new options for searching those databases.

From the Start Page, under Type of Law, click Case Law, and click the new blue PLUS symbol next to “U.S. District Courts” and/or “U.S. Bankruptcy Courts” to drill down and select specific court(s). Click Continue, add your search expression and run your word search. The Results list displays decisions from just those chosen courts.

ADDITIONAL ENHANCEMENT—Click the new green command “Get GlobalCite Counts” at the top of the Results list to view the number of times your search results documents have been cited by other materials within Loislaw. Hover your cursor over the green GlobalCite indicator next to a document to see the breakdown of citing document types. Click on a document’s GlobalCite indicator to access those citing documents.

LegalPro Training

Launch our LegalPro Training calendar webpage and register for any of our complimentary pre-scheduled instructor-led sessions offered for a wide variety of our online products, OR access a schedule for a specific product:
Kluwer services (including Kluwer IP Law, Kluwer Arbitration and Kluwer Competition Law)

*IntelliConnect and LoislawConnect registrations are limited to a single person so that each session can be customized to that individual’s subscription and research needs. However, registrants are welcome to share webinar connection details with others in their organization.

You may also send an email request for telephone training to LegalTraining@WoltersKluwer.com
Whether you want a brief, high-level overview for a group or an in-depth, hands-on training for an individual, our professional Trainers will customize the session to your needs to ensure that you get the most out of your online subscription from Wolters Kluwer Law & Business.

Training Resources for Legal Professionals
Review our Training Resources for Legal Professionals website to find helpful links to videos, training guides and quick reference material for a wide variety of our Platforms/Applications and products.

New materials available
How to Use Federal Banking Law Reporter (7-page PDF)

Dodd-Frank Act Quick Charts for Federal Banking and Federal Securities (~ 3 minutes)

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