Volume 10, Number 10, October 2014


New CCH® IntelliConnect Browser Search transforms the research experience

This month, Wolters Kluwer proudly introduced the new CCH IntelliConnect Browser Search, a first-of-its-kind research tool that allows IntelliConnect® users to “google” CCH expertise.

Users of CCH tax content can now access CCH’s authoritative analysis and insight when searching Google, so finding answers is as simple as one and done.

This new tool instantly sends search queries through Wolters Kluwer/CCH subscriber content and displays the IntelliConnect answers directly on the results page of popular search engines such as Google®, Bing® or Yahoo!®— simplifying user workflow and combining the ease of an internet search with leading tax content.

Wolters Kluwer/CCH is the first tax research provider to leverage the power of popular search engines to enhance the search experience.

Important Note: The new CCH® IntelliConnect Browser Search tool is complimentary for IntelliConnect users; however, versions and compatibility may vary. Law firm customers and users may have received notification with download links from the Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Division that are not compatible with their current subscription. To ensure proper access, please contact your Wolters Kluwer Law & Business Account Representative and Tax Product Specialist or call 1-888-562-5551 for more information.
For a video demonstration of the new CCH® IntelliConnect BrowserSearch, click here.


Second volume added to Mueller on Patent Law

With the addition of Volume 2—Patent Enforcement—Mueller on Patent Law becomes a two-volume set. (Volume 1 is Patentability and Validity.)

Mueller on Patent Law: Patent Enforcement satisfies the need for a concise, accessible and practical treatment of patent law with regards to enforcing a patent. The author discusses the defenses to a patent infringement claim as well as the remedies available in such cases. Claim interpretation, including Markman hearings and standards of review, are given thorough treatment. International considerations in patenting are also included.

For more information and to order, click here.

Current IntelliConnect subscribers can click on the titles below to access each volume:
Mueller on Patent Law: Patentability and Validity
Mueller on Patent Law: Patent Enforcement

New service: Kluwer International Tax Law

Kluwer International Tax Law is a new online global information service that provides quick and easy access to the latest tax planning and compliance information.

This new service for international tax professionals brings together selected CCH analysis, news and tools with Kluwer Law International’s major treatises such as Vogel on Double Taxation, and Tax Planning for International Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Restructuring.

Written by international tax experts, the service comprises six packages, each dealing with a different area of tax law:

  • Tax Treaties
  • Permanent Establishments
  • Transfer Pricing
  • VAT
  • Tax Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Kluwer Tax Law Library (includes all the above packages)

For more information and to request a free trial, contact your Wolters Kluwer Account Representative or go to www.kluwertaxlaw.com

New book: International Securities Law Handbook - Fourth Edition

Since its first edition, the International Securities Law Handbook has met the need for a user-friendly source of information covering the most significant jurisdictions. The fully updated fourth edition includes first-time contributions from Chile, Colombia, Italy, Poland, Russia and Thailand. It’s an invaluable reference that presents the key elements of securities law and regulations in 39 jurisdictions. Country chapters, each written by a local expert in securities law, appear alphabetically. Each jurisdiction is presented in a consistent format, covering the topics most relevant to overseas investors and their advisers, so that information on specific issues can be easily found and compared from country to country. Click here for more information and to order.

New book: Proportionality and Fair Taxation

This new title focusses on case law in a number of domestic and international jurisdictions, and clearly shows how to draw upon these principles to achieve fairness and efficiency in any tax policy or tax dispute.

Case law is the author’s chosen means of investigation because cases alleging discrimination or unfairness are remarkable illustrations of how reasonableness and proportionality work in tandem as tools to assess the fairness and consistency of rules. Jurisprudence from national jurisdictions (such as the U.S. Supreme Court), the International Court of Justice, the European Court of Human Rights, the European Court of Justice, and the World Trade Organization are examined to reveal how the fundamental principles are applied to specific claims in tax matters. Click here for more information and to order.



With increased scrutiny by everyone—from lawmakers and SEC regulators to shareholders and financial analysts—law firms and their corporate clients now more than ever need to manage disclosure risk amid a changing legal and regulatory environment.

RBsourceFilings is a new way of performing SEC law and filings related research. With RBsourceFilings, we’ve expanded and integrated the trusted primary source content from the Redbook/Red Box with SEC Guidance, SEC Filings, Exhibits, and SEC Staff Comment Letters and put it in one intuitive, user-friendly tool to ensure a better legal practice.

  • Fast answers in one location—Search across all content in one step to streamline the research process and get closer to an answer faster
  • Intelligently integrated and contextually linked—Content is intelligently related, including topically organized precedent filings, to provide the most relevant information pertaining to a legal issue or disclosure requirement
  • Follows the attorney’s workflow—Supports multiple research approaches depending on your workflow needs. You can conduct a global search, or launch into different content right from the homepage dashboard, for a more intuitive and productive experience
  • Increases research efficiency—A variety of productivity tools to increase research efficiency, including the Compare Features and Section Search widget
  • Timely, accessible information—Access all the content you need anytime, anywhere, on any device

For more information and to request a free trial, click here or contact your Wolters Kluwer Account Representative.

CFPB Watch

The CFPB Watch, which is free with online subscriptions to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Reporter, is authored by Ralph C. Ferrara of Proskauer Rose LLP. It offers commentary and analysis on developments relating to consumer financial protection issues under the regulatory authority of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Highlights of the September issue include:

  • CFPB argues FDCPA notice applies to all collectors
  • Comments on mobile financial services collection reflect concerns
  • Teaser Rates: CFPB issues guidance on credit card disclosures

As you advise your clients on CFPB rules and regulations, the one resource that will assist you in keeping up-to-date with the changes is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Reporter from Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. It offers practice commentary and analysis by Ralph C. Ferrara of Proskauer Rose LLP, executive editor and original co-author, Timothy Q. Karcher of Proskauer Rose LLP, and Gary Apfel of Pepper Hamilton LLP, original co-author.

To download a complimentary copy of the September issue of CFPB Watch, click here.

Existing IntelliConnect subscribers can use the following links to access CFPB Watch archives and Reporter:

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPB Watch - Ferrara and Karcher
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Reporter - Ferrara, Apfel, and Karcher


Training Tip for IntelliConnect

Question: Where can I find reporting of SEC enforcement actions against delinquent Schedule 13D/13G and Form 4 Filers?
Answer: Our daily newsletter publication, SEC Today, provides ongoing reporting of public administrative proceedings instituted against respondents who were delinquent in their periodic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and failed to heed delinquency letters sent to them by the Division of Corporation Finance. The September 10, 2014 issue of SEC Today, Vol. 2014-175, contains a story with more details about the SEC enforcement initiative focusing on Form 4, Schedule 13D and Schedule 13G reporting: SEC Announces Charges Against Corporate Insiders for Violating Laws Requiring Prompt Reporting of Transactions and Holdings

If you would like to access a monthly recap of all SEC Enforcement Proceedings reported in SEC Today:

  • Use this search expression: "what's new at the SEC" and "Enforcement Proceedings"
  • And add a date criteria, e.g., on September 2014

For easy access to SEC Enforcement Proceedings in the future:

  1. Run the following search without any date restriction:  "what's new at the SEC" and "Enforcement Proceedings"
  2. Then Save the search.
  3. In the future, you can access and re-run the saved search.
  4. Change the search results display to “Most Recent” to view results in reverse chronological order.

SEC Today is available via print or online subscription. The online version provides searchable archives back to 1996, same day email delivery, and free links to referenced EDGAR filings. Current online subscribers can locate SEC Today on IntelliConnect within the Corporate Governance library > News & Current Awareness sub-section.

LegalPro Training

Launch our LegalPro Training calendar webpage and register for any of our complimentary pre-scheduled instructor-led sessions offered for a wide variety of our online products, OR use links below to access a schedule for a specific online platform/product:

*IntelliConnect and LoislawConnect registrations are limited to a single person so that each session can be customized to that individual’s subscription and research needs. However, registrants are welcome to share webinar connection details with others in their organization.

Or email a training request to us via LegalProTraining@wolterskluwer.com

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Review our Training Resources for Legal Professionals website—http://wolterskluwerlb.com/training—to find helpful links to videos, training guides and quick reference material for a wide variety of our Platforms/Applications and products.

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