Volume 12, Number 4, April 2016


RBsourceFiling's Redline Compare feature now available for 10-Ks and 10-Qs and is enhanced with Side-by-Side comparison option

RBsourceFiling’s Redline Compare feature for Registration Statements, Draft Registrations, and Proxies has now been extended to Annual and Quarterly reports (10-Ks and 10-Qs) and has a new side-by-side view option. Together, these enhancements make RBsourceFiling’s Redline Compare an industry leader.

Redline Compare helps you quickly identify how a filer has amended their Registration in response to SEC comments or how a previous Annual Report has been changed in response to market or regulatory events. Changes are clearly marked in green and red, and it’s easy to browse to changes using the left hand navigation.

The new Side-by-Side comparison is shown below:

New edition: Defending and Preventing Employment Litigation, 2016 Edition

Defending and Preventing Employment Litigation provides in-depth analysis of the types of actions that can be brought against a company, the statutes under which such actions may be brought, and the way in which courts have analyzed such claims. The 2016 edition brings you up to date on the latest cases, statutes, and developments including:

  • Analysis of the Supreme Court’s 2015 decision addressing the extent to which the time employees undergo security checks at the beginning or end of their work shifts constitute compensable time worked under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • New section surveying case law on the extent to which any settlement of an FLSA claim must be done with the Department of Labor (DOL) or court supervision and the resulting limitation on the private parties being able to include several standard clauses in the settlement including confidentiality and non-disparagement provisions
  • Discussion of the recently enacted California Fair Pay Act, which is intended to increase requirements for gender wage equality and transparency in that state to levels greater than those under federal law

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Labor & Employment Law Library now features more than 30,000 Arbitration Awards

The Wolters Kluwer Labor & Employment Law Library has been expanded in response to customer demand. The library now offers more than 30,000 awards/decisions that date back to 1960. You get unlimited access to the Labor Arbitration Awards which includes:

  • A full library of over 225,000 cases dating back to the 1930’s
  • Labor Arbitration Awards eLibrary (more than 30,000 awards!)
  • Forms, Checklists, Policies Library
  • Easily search by the Topical-Index digest feature or compare biographies/awards with the Smart Chart™ tool

The new 22-title Labor & Employment Law Library combines authoritative CCH publications with expert-authored Aspen treatises to provide a comprehensive single source for labor and employment law. The Library links to federal and state labor and employment laws, hundreds of thousands of cases, concise explanations, and expert analysis. Specialized, authoritative content includes the full breadth of fair employment practices, labor relations, and disabilities law at the federal and state levels, providing primary source research materials, annotated explanations, and timely updates of news and current developments. Many of the publications include time-saving tools and valuable newsletters.

Expert-authored treatises feature analytic and practical guidance covering employee terminations, disabilities law, employment discrimination litigation, sexual harassment in the workplace, covenants not to compete, and immigration law.

For more information, contact your Wolters Kluwer Account Representative at 800-449-6434. Click here for our Labor & Employment Law Library brochure.

Newly updated: Pension and Employee Benefits Code ERISA Regulations as of January 1, 2016 (4 Volumes)

The newly updated Pension and Employee Benefits Code ERISA Regulations as of January 1, 2016 gives pension and benefits professionals a one-stop resource for easy access to the law and regulations that govern pension plans, 401(k) plans, group health insurance and other types of employee benefit plans, all current as of January 1, 2016.

The Code/ERISA set has been fully updated to include:

  • Every benefits-related law and regulation change since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 including summary of benefits and coverage, preventative health services, market reform rules, and excepted benefits.
  • Retirement plan law developments such as multi-employer plan partitions, hybrid plans, annual funding notice, and reportable event rules.

Regardless of the nature of your pension/benefits question, you'll find easy access to the information you seek. Click here for more information and to order.

Almanac of the Federal Judiciary Online adds new user-centered features

While the Almanac of the Federal Judiciary (AFJ) is already a very useful (and popular) product, we continue to listen to our customers to provide useful enhancements to better aid the user experience. Recently, we enhanced AFJ Online with the following: Addition of “judiciary news;” A judge/justice “mail-merge” feature; and search “look-a-head” functionality (see below for each new feature).

Judiciary News
From the AFJ main page, you can now access judiciary news written by Wolters Kluwer editorial staff. You can click on the plus (+) sign to get a brief clip of the article to read, or if you click on a headline, you will be taken to the full article. Now you can get pertinent federal judicial information and judiciary news all in one location.

Judge/Justice Mailing Feature
A number of AFJ users have asked for an easy way to get an entire District or Circuit judge mailing list, without having to go to each judge individually and “cut-and-paste” addresses and names and put them into an Excel spreadsheet. AFJ online now has a one-button feature that does just that! Simply run your search (see first image below), click the new “mail” button (highlighted in red below) and it creates a mailing list of the judges in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet (see second image). It’s that easy!

Search "Look-A-Head"
A simple, yet very important addition to the AFJ, search “look-a-head” was added in an effort to aid your user experience and allow you to get the information you need faster. Often, users cannot remember the exact name of the judge they are searching for. Now, simply start typing a judge’s name into the search bar, and as you type, examples of judge’s names will begin to appear to help your search process.

New ICCA Yearbook updates

From 2016 the format of ICCA’s Yearbook Commercial Arbitration changes to provide readers with a steady flow of information. New court decisions—edited in the Yearbook style, which includes recaps, summaries and indexing, with English translations—will be posted on www.Kluwerarbitration.com. Contact your Wolters Kluwer Account Representative for more information and a demonstration.

New book: Building International Investment Law: The First 50 Years of ICSID

This volume celebrates the first 50 years of ICSID by presenting the landmark cases that have been decided under its auspices. These cases have addressed every aspect of investment disputes: jurisdictional thresholds; the substantive obligations found in investment treaties, contracts, and legislation; questions of general international law; and a number of novel procedural issues. Click here for more information and to order.

New book: Britain Alone! The Implications and Consequences of United Kingdom Exit from the EU

This very timely book addresses the major concerns and uncertainties associated with this looming prospect. Outstanding scholars of British constitutional law and EU law discuss such factors as the impact of EU membership on the UK constitution and the perspectives of the UK’s constituent regions, along with numerous practical issues of economics and administration. Click here for more information and to order.

New book: Finding, Freezing and Attaching Assets: A Multi-Jurisdictional Handbook

Finding, Freezing and Attaching Assets: A Multi-Jurisdictional Handbook is about how to find out whether a defendant has any assets before initiating costly litigation, arbitration, or insolvency proceedings, and how to freeze such assets with the aim of eventually enforcing a judgment or award. The purpose of this book is to provide as much information as possible on asset identification on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis and also on the client’s decision of whether or not to freeze assets once the assets have been identified. Click here for more information and to order.


Training Tip for Kluwer Arbitration

Question: Does Kluwer Arbitration have any practical tools to assist an arbitration or mediation professional?

Answer: Yes! Kluwer Arbitration has nine comparative Smart Charts and Tools which allow you to quickly examine and/or compare specific content by particular jurisdiction or arbitral institution.

  1. IAI Arbitrator Tool
  2. IMI Mediator Tool
  3. Kluwer Arbitral Institutions Smart Charts
  4. Kluwer Drafting Arbitration Agreements Smart Charts
  5. Kluwer Sovereign Immunity Smart Charts
  6. Kluwer Appointment and Challenge of Arbitrators Smart Charts
  7. Kluwer Privacy and Confidentiality in Arbitration Smart Charts
  8. VAT Treatment of Arbitrator Services Smart Charts
  9. International Handbook Commercial Arbitration Compare Jurisdictions

IAI Arbitrator Tool

Kluwer Arbitral Institutions Smart Charts

Kluwer Drafting Arbitration Agreements Smart Charts

Kluwer Sovereign Immunity Smart Charts

Kluwer Appointment and Challenge of Arbitrators Smart Charts

Kluwer Privacy and Confidentiality in Arbitration Smart Charts

VAT Treatment of Arbitrator Services Smart Charts

International Handbook Commercial Arbitration Compare Jurisdictions

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