Volume 12, Number 1, January 2016


New book: Modern Compliance—Best Practices for Securities & Finance

Modern Compliance provides a foundational understanding of financial services compliance for compliance officers and the attorneys who advise them. With increased regulatory change, market abuse, and scandal, companies have come to realize the business necessity of a solid compliance program.

Modern Compliance—Best Practices for Securities & Finance is the work of some of the industry’s foremost thought leaders who bring decades of experience developing and enhancing the practice of compliance. The book not only delves into the black letter law requirements of the compliance professional’s job, but also discusses the attitudes, soft-skills, and finesse required to perform the job effectively.

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New QuickChart: JOBS Act Implementation

Available on the new Cheetah platform, JOBS Act Implementation QuickCharts is a dynamic reference tool that covers all aspects of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, from its passage in 2012 through current implementation efforts and rulemaking. It is particularly timely as the new Title III equity crowdfunding final rules and forms are effective May 16, 2016.

These QuickCharts will:

  • Keep practitioners up-to-date with changes related to primary source material and news
  • Allow users to quickly find and track recent activity, and provides links to source materials such as federal and state securities agency issuances, legislative documents, and helpful related materials
  • Enable users to build custom charts in seconds, targeting all or selected topics
  • Create charts that are easily exported into Microsoft Word or Excel format for sharing while retaining live links to source material

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New Financial Metrics Filters added to RBsourceFilings

In response to customer requests, three financial filters have been added to RBsourceFilings to further enhance your SEC filings research. The three filters are: Market Cap, Revenue, and Net Income.

The Financial Metrics will help users focus on disclosures by firms in specific size ranges or financial situations. For example, to search Large Cap Firms, select 10 Billion Market Cap or greater. For Microcap, $50 million - $250 million, etc.

The Financial Metrics are updated weekly based on information in the most recent SEC disclosure filings.

To review this feature, run a search from the main search window or from the EDGAR Quick Search Widget. After your initial search results appear, the Financial Metrics filter panel will be available for further refinement. Select the desired ranges from the drop down menus and hit APPLY. The filters can be applied separately, or in tandem, to further enhance search results.

NASAA Franchise Resource Guide now available online

If your firm represents franchisors, you’ll want to give your attorneys the most up-to-date information for drafting, reviewing and registering franchise disclosure documents in multiple jurisdictions. Authored by the NASAA (North American Securities Administrators Association) Franchise Project Group and members of its Industry Advisory Committee, the NASAA Franchise Resource Guide is the complete resource for drafting franchise disclosure documents.

The Guide compiles in one place the various rules, commentaries, and guidance governing the preparation of the Franchise Disclosure Document, which is required by federal law and the laws of 15 states. Until now, these rules, commentaries, and guidance had to be accessed separately. Click here for more information, or contact your Wolters Kluwer account representative to order.

New edition: AIDS and the Law, Fifth Edition

The new Fifth Edition of AIDS and the Law provides comprehensive coverage of the complex legal issues, as well as the underlying medical and scientific issues, surrounding the HIV epidemic. Covering a broad range of legal fields from employment to health care to housing and privacy rights, this essential resource provides thorough, up-to-date coverage of a rapidly changing area of law. New editor Scott Skinner-Thompson has revised the Fifth Edition to include updates regarding medical advancements in treating and preventing HIV, including pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), a comprehensive discussion of housing protections for people living with HIV, updates regarding the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, including the revised Strategy released in 2015, and more. Click here for more information and to order.

Now available online: International Encyclopaedia of Laws (IELs)

This unique series of publications features a distinct set of reference works. Each subset covers a major field of law with country-by-country overviews that describe how each national legal system governs the relevant field.

Subsets include: Civil Procedure, Commercial and Economic Law, Competition Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts Corporations and Partnerships, Criminal Law, Cyber Law, Energy Law, Labour Law, Sports Law, Medical Law and many more.

International Encyclopaedia of Laws includes:

  • Country-by-Country Overview
  • Online Chapters available before print
  • Searchable PDFs
  • RSS feeds when updated
  • Free Electronic Table of Contents (Etoc) alert
  • Access with Open Athens and Shibboleth that facilitates remote access through Easy Proxy
  • JAWS to give users with visual disabilities the advantage of using content from kluwerlawonline.com

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New edition: ICC Arbitration in Practice. Second Edition

The second revised edition of this eminently practical volume provides an article-by-article commentary of the current version of the ICC Rules of Arbitration in force as of January 1, 2012. Using clear and concise language unencumbered by footnotes, and illustrated with flow diagrams, the authors guide you through the stages of ICC arbitration proceedings—from initiation to the final award. Click here for more information and to order.

New edition: International Tax Primer, Third Edition

The third edition has been expanded substantially to reflect major developments that occurred since the 2004 second edition. Many small and medium-sized firms, as well as individuals, now engage in cross-border transactions where they and their tax advisors must confront international tax issues on a regular basis. Click here for more information and to order.

New edition: Guide To EU Pharmaceutical Regulatory Law. Sixth Edition

Completely revised and updated, this practical book covers the processes, legislation, cases and customs that apply to the introduction, marketing and sale of a medicinal product (or medicinal device) in Europe. The new edition keeps you current with the changes to clinical trials, pharmacovigilance and competition law. Click here for more information and to order.

Enhancements to Kluwer Law Online (www.kluwerlawonline.com)

Kluwer Law Online, the online gateway to Kluwer Law International publications, has been enhanced to include:

Improved search functionality

  • Highlighted search terms
  • Next occurance in document
  • Year of publication
Improved user interface
  • Clear distinction between subscribed and non-subscribed products
Improved access
  • Access to the portal with Open Athens and Shibboleth that facilitates remote access through Easy Proxy
  • JAWS to give users with visual disabilities the advantage of using content from www.kluwerlawonline.com


Training Tip for IntelliConnect and Cheetah

Question: How can I research several anticompetitive practices—such as price fixing, resale price maintenance and exclusive dealing—all at once?

Answer: The Wolters Kluwer Antitrust Smart Chart on anticompetitive practices will give you leading precedents, commentary, and recent cases relating to 25 anticompetitive practices governed by federal antitrust law. The Antitrust SmartChart—Conduct Prohibited Under Federal Antitrust Laws—includes the name of the anticompetitive practice (e.g., price fixing, resale price maintenance, exclusive dealing), a citation and link to the explanation paragraph in the Trade Regulation Reporter, a citation and link to the relevant section in Antitrust Laws by Areeda and Hovenkamp, a link to the applicable statute, and a list of the leading cases, with links to full text. This is just one of the many time-saving practice tools available within IntelliConnect under Antitrust & Trade Regulation and/or Cheetah Antitrust and Competition practice area


Step 1: Choose desired Conduct(s)

Step 2: View the resulting chart

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