Volume 11, Number 7, July 2015


Litigation Suite now available on Cheetah™

Litigation firms of all sizes face the same challenge: How to save time while getting the answers they need quickly, confidently, and cost-effectively. Wolters Kluwer Law & Business meets this need with its definitive Litigation Library, a must-have collection of titles and ancillary products that will support the entire litigation process, from pre-trial procedures and strategies through post-trial enforcement. Confidently litigate your case with our:

  • Expert analysis—Insights from leading practitioners on all aspects of litigation, including Wigmore on Evidence, Law of Lawyering by Hazard, Hodes and Jarvis, and the Almanac of the Federal Judiciary.
  • Practice-Specific Authority—Whether you are defending a drunk driving case, serving as plaintiff's counsel in a Section 1983 claim, or litigating business torts, Wolters Kluwer provides practitioners with trusted authority.
  • Practice Tools—Includes Smart Charts with 50 state surveys, overviews of all practice areas of law, and easily exportable charts on the specific topics and jurisdictions you need.

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New Blue Sky Smart Chart on Regulation A +

The SEC, in amending Regulation A for Regulation A + adoption on June 19, 2015, revised federal Rule 256 to provide that for Section 18(b)(3) purposes, a “qualified purchaser” includes any person who is offered or sold securities in a Tier 2 offering under Regulation A. The qualified purchaser definition, however, does not include Tier 1 offerings.

Hence, the Blue Sky impact of the definition is that Tier 2 offerings are exempt from state securities registration and qualification requirements while Tier 1 offerings remain subject to state securities registration and qualification requirements. It is important to note that both Tier 1 and Tier 2 offerings remain subject to state antifraud, enforcement, filing and fee requirements, consistent with the preemption framework of the National Securities Markets Improvement Act of 1996 (NSMIA).

Therefore, as with Section 18(b)(4)(D) and Regulation D, Rule 506 offerings under NSMIA, the states, while being preempted from regulating the merits of a Regulation A offering, may require from Tier 2 issuers a notice filing containing offering materials, a consent to service of process and a fee.

This Smart Chart topic contains each jurisdiction’s notice filing/fee requirements for issuers conducting a Tier 2 offering under Regulation A in accordance with Section 18(b)(3). The comment column provides a link to SEC Release No. 33-9741 containing the June 19, 2015-effective Regulation A amendments (Regulation A +).

Blue Sky Law Reporter online subscribers can view the Smart Chart as shown below in the Practice Tools section under Blue Sky Smart Charts - Compare Jurisdictions

Design Smart Charts now available on Kluwer IP Law (www.kluweriplaw.com)

Design Protection Smart Charts enable you to make quick comparisons on key topics of Design Law, and provides concise commentaries, related legislation and case law on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis.

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New book: Intellectual Property and Human Rights. Third Edition

As human rights issues continue to arise in an intellectual property context, this well-established cornerstone work in the debate has kept pace with developments and trends in this nexus of legal issues. Now, in an expanded and updated third edition, well-known authorities in both intellectual property law and human rights law present in-depth analysis and discussion of the essential issues, centered on the relations between intellectual property and freedom of expression and the fundamental right to privacy in an intellectual property environment. Click here for more information and to order.

New book: Executive Directors' Remuneration in Comparative Corporate Perspective

Attitude looms large in any discussion of executive compensation. Yet here is a book that restricts its remit to what can actually be discovered about the corporate and contractual facts, figures, and rationales that determine how much a company director “earns” in an increasingly complex system of executive remuneration that seems to be taking root worldwide. In a remarkably insightful collection of articles, legal scholars from ten different countries address the state of the art of executive service contracts in twelve different jurisdictions, as diverse as (on the one hand) the European Union, its central Member States and the United States, and (on the other) Iceland and Romania. Click here for more information and to order.

New book: Federal Civil Practice

Federal Civil Practice takes a step-by-step approach to federal practice, discussing the intricacies of federal civil procedure and providing key insights on the application of the rules of procedure. The treatise helps practitioners understand the “preliminary considerations” they should think about prior to filing—such as conducting an investigation pursuant to Rule 11, choosing a forum, and conducting legal research. More than simple explanations of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the book provides guidance on how to plan litigation strategy and tactics. Click here for more information and to order.


Training Tip for IntelliConnect

Question: Is it possible to share my IntelliConnect Research Folders with others?

Answer: Yes! IntelliConnect offers the option to share the contents of a Research Folder, including any Notes & Highlights within Documents, with your entire firm or with specific individuals at the firm.

Research Folders store links to documents you want to keep for later reference. These links to documents in Research Folders remain indefinitely until they are deleted. In order to share the content in your Research Folder with another individual or group, the following steps are necessary:  

  • Once you have created a Research Folder, select the option “Share with colleagues”

  • Next, choose whether to share the Research Folder content with all of your colleagues who have an IntelliConnect login or specific individuals. In order to share the Research Folder content with someone within your firm, they must already be registered for IntelliConnect.                                                  

  • If you would like to share the content with specific individuals, you can search and select their name from your organization’s IntelliConnect end-user listing.

  • Once you have selected the individual(s), you can limit their Access Level to a Read Only Status or Contributor Status. You can also remove their access to the Research Folder or set an automatic expiration date. IntelliConnect also offers the option to “Email users when folder access is granted.”       

Note: If you choose not to share Research Folders, IntelliConnect provides the alternate option of saving, emailing and/or printing selected items. Simply select items within your Research Folders and click either Save/Email or Print commands. The Email option allows you to include content as links in your email, PDF attachments or as text in the body of your email.

LegalPro Training

Attend a complimentary instructor-led training. Click here to view a listing of upcoming Custom Learning Webinar sessions.

Each session is limited to a single registrant but any number of attendees from your organization can join the session. The instructor will tailor the course to your subscription content, research needs and time frame. (A maximum of one hour is allotted.) During the session, participant(s) will be encouraged to log in for hands-on activities.

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