Volume 11, Number 3, March 2015


WK Browser Search now available for all practice areas

We’re pleased to announce that the WK Browser Search is available for Wolters Kluwer content across all practice areas—not just for tax. You can now integrate your browser search queries with all of your IntelliConnect content as well as other products—such as WK Trademark Navigator and Health Reform KnowlEDGE Center—all in one results list. There’s no more alternating between research tools or having to log in.

Free to current Wolters Kluwer subscribers, WK Browser Search is easy to install and delivers WK’s trusted expert content—including laws, explanations, cases and more right in your browser search results. With WK Browser Search, you get more than a search results list—you get answers to your pressing legal questions—fast!

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New WK Banking & Finance Law Blog

The WK Banking & Finance Law Blog provides news and commentary on recent happenings in the banking and finance law practice area, and is brought to you by the editors of the Wolters Kluwer Banking and Finance Law Daily. The blog is updated each business day with short articles and analysis that will keep you up to date on key developments in this practice area. You’ll find articles such as the following:

Review denial might leave open small window for rent suits after bank failures—The Washington Mutual Bank failure, and JPMorgan Chase Bank’s purchase of much of WaMu’s assets, has resulted in a series of suits across the country over whether property owners could recover rent for planned WaMu branches that never opened. The Supreme Court’s February 23, 2015, denial of a landlord’s request that it review the rejection of the landlord’s rent suit could signal that Chase and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, as WaMu’s receiver, will continue to win these suits; however, a contrary decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit still could offer hope for landlords . . .

Mobile banking puts pressure on customer service—According to a new study released by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, while consumers may be increasingly reliant on mobile and online banking services, the emergence of electronic banking has had little impact on the number of traditional branch offices . . . That's not to say that emerging technologies have not had any impact on brick-and-mortar branch locations . . . its greatest effect has been a decline in the number and frequency of transactions taking place at physical banking offices . . .

CFPB's Antonakes provides glimpse into bureau supervisory thinking—Steven Antonakes, Deputy Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, offered a peek into the CFPB's thought processes on supervision in prepared remarks before the The Exchequer Club in Washington, DC. CFPB supervision made simple? Perhaps not, but Antonakes did shed some light on factors the bureau takes into consideration when it comes to supervision . . .

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New Blue Sky Smart Chart topic: Rescission

This new Smart Chart topic sets forth each jurisdiction’s rescission provisions, permitting a defrauded purchaser to recover from the violating seller the consideration paid for securities. References to purchaser, agent, broker-dealer, investment adviser and investment adviser representative liability are also referenced, along with rescission limitation statutes, where applicable.

The new chart can be found in the Topics list of Blue Sky Smart Charts:

New book: Pension Provisions of the 2015 Appropriations Law: Law, Explanation and Analysis

This new title is the only objective single-source overview of how one of the most important pension laws in recent years impacts pension plan trustees, their advisors and administrators, as well as retirees.

Signed by the President, the new rules governing single and multiemployer pension plans went into effect almost immediately. The new title comprehensively answers every question related to the multiemployer pension reform act and includes the following highlights:

  • Benefit suspensions authorized for multiemployer plans in critical and declining status
  • Explanation and in-depth analysis of all the amendments and rules
  • Substantial cessation of operations
  • Premium increases for multiemployer plans
  • Definition of normal retirement age
  • Mergers and partitions between multiemployer plans
  • Repeal of PPA multi-employer sunset provisions
  • Reference tables

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Kluwer Law International eBooks now available for libraries

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business has partnered with MyiLibrary to make Kluwer Law International eBooks available for libraries. More than 400 eBooks are currently available via MyiLibrary, and more titles will be added during this year. Click here for a current list of available titles. Contact your Wolters Kluwer account representative for more information.

New book: Private International Dispute Resolution in International Business, Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration, 3rd edition

The third, fully revised edition of Private Dispute Resolution in International Business now consists of two books, and an interactive USB card to give you easier access to this valuable information.

The updated and revised handbook takes account of recent developments in the law and practice of ADR in international business. Practical and user-friendly, it is complemented by the usability and graphical interface of the digital content.

Click here for a video featuring the book’s author, Klaus Peter Berger.

Click here for more information and to order.

New book: Bank Recovery and Resolution

This important new title focuses on the European legal framework under the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD). The author provides a clear, easy-to understand explanation of key provisions, procedures, and the triggers at work in bank recovery, and examines the cross-border issues that the new rules under the BRRD have been created to help.

The author organizes a highly complex legal system into patterns and action plans that can be applied in virtually any case where bank business is of central significance.

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Wolters Kluwer Strategic Perspectives commemorate the five year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

March 23, 2015 is the fifth anniversary of the enactment of the Affordable Care Act. As the largest piece of legislation since Medicare, it has been constantly challenged in court and argued in the legislature. Wolters Kluwer has been in lock-step with every change, keeping our customers in the know, to do the right thing at the right time, and to make the right decisions along the way.

To mark the occasion, we are again providing ongoing expert analysis by publishing three special Strategic Perspectives to our Health Law Daily (HLD) and the weekly Health Reform WK-Edge (HRWE). Each Strategic Perspective highlights the top five impacts of the ACA. The first covers the top five ACA impacts on Medicare and Medicaid, the second covers the top five ACA impacts on the private insurance market, and the third looks forward to cover the top five ACA impacts for 2015.

If you’re a Health Reform KnowlEDGE Center subscriber, click here.

If you’re not a current subscriber, click here to download a special collection of all three Strategic Perspectives.

To keep up with every change, impact and update to the ACA, ask your Wolters Kluwer Account Representative about the Health Reform KnowlEDGE Center. For more information and to request a free trial, visit www.healthreformknowledge.com

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Page replacements for looseleaf products will continue to be free of charge; however, instead of sending just the pages requested, we will send the entire update which contains the needed pages.


Jim Hamilton 1947-2015

It is with great sadness that we share news of the passing of Jim Hamilton, a colleague and friend to many at Wolters Kluwer.

As you may know, Jim was Principal Securities Law Analyst for Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. During his illustrious 39-year career tracking, analyzing, and explaining securities law and regulation, Jim personally curated and contributed definitive reports, books, and articles relied upon by practitioners both nationally and globally. His blog, Jim Hamilton's World of Securities Regulation, was one of our company's first forays into social media. Jim held it to the highest of standards, and as a result it is one of the most widely read and cited in the industry.

Jim's expert insight and analysis, first noted through his analysis of legislation in the 1980s, brought him into the spotlight when he was cited as an authority in the U.S. Senate Banking Committee report of the Dodd-Frank Act. When the legislation was passed, his analysis was, and continues to be, the definitive explanation of the Act. His commitment to accurate and impartial discussion of securities law has helped thousands of attorneys navigate the intricacies of this highly complex practice area.

By those privileged to know him, as well as those in the industry who benefitted from his extraordinary insights, Jim will truly be missed.

“Being neutral in discussing the material does not preclude being passionate about it. Even in my blog I try to be right down the line with everything, which has helped me maintain my credibility. Our customers need information that is objective and accurate so that they can form their own opinions.”         —Jim Hamilton


Training Tip for RBsource/RBsourceFilings

Question: Does the new RBsource service allow me to set Alerts so that I can be automatically notified when changes occur to securities statutes, rules, regulations or forms I select?

Answer: Yes, the new interface for RBsource and RBsourceFilings, released earlier this year, lets you set personalized Alerts.

If you subscribe to the basic RBsource service, you can set up Alerts for:

  1. Statutes, Rules, Regulations and Forms - providing immediate notification when selected content is updated.
  2. Saved Searches - informing you when any new/updated content matches a Saved Search.

If you subscribe to RBsourceFilings, additional personalized Alerts can be set up to notify you about:

  1. All filings, exhibits and comment letters by selected companies
  2. Selected filing, exhibit and comment letter types by selected companies

Alerts will display on the Dashboard with the default “On Site” option, or you can select “By Email” to have both Dashboard and scheduled email notification on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Setting Alerts on Content

Setting Alerts on Saved Searches

Setting Alerts on Company/EDGAR Filings, Exhibits and Comment Letters

For more information about RBsource and RBsourceFilings go to http://learn.wolterskluwerlb.com/rbsourcefilings  
Current subscribers can log in via http://rbsourcefilings.com

LegalPro Training

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  • RBsource (new platform, hands-on training)
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*IntelliConnect and LoislawConnect registrations are limited to a single person so that each session can be customized to that individual’s subscription and research needs. However, registrants are welcome to share webinar connection details with others in their organization.

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