Volume 12, Number 5, May 2016


Law Firm Memos now available to all RBsourceFilings subscribers

RBsourceFilings subscribers can now access more than 10,000 memos written by attorney practitioners at the top business law firms in the U.S. Memos focus on securities, corporate governance, and other corporate legal matters. New memos will be added on a daily basis as they become available.

Law Firm Memos provide a real world practitioner perspective on the impact of securities regulations and disclosure. The memos discuss evolving strategies and best practices in SEC compliance and the disclosure in response to new regulations.

The Law Firm Memo feature is part of the SEARCH Widget on the RBsourceFilings Home Page. The feature supports full-text search with topics that can be precisely scoped by category and sub-category. Users can further refine their search results to specific law firms, using the Law Firm Lookup and Top Law Firms post-search filters.

New enhancements to Antitrust & Competition Suite/Library on Cheetah

Continuing our commitment to enhance our antitrust offerings, we have added two new resources to our Antitrust & Competition Suite on Cheetah. The first is Guide to Antitrust Practice Before the Agencies, a series of four articles addressing merger review, criminal enforcement, administrative litigation and consent decrees. Written by experienced FTC and DOJ practitioners, these articles provide practice tips, and identify trends in federal enforcement. Second, we have added the Enforcement Actions Finder Smart Chart, a research gateway to more than 5,000 government actions reported in our Trade Regulation Reporter. The chart allows you to search by topic, by agency and by year as well as filtering on civil vs. criminal actions. It includes links to the summary report of the action as well as relevant documents from the case.

Below is the Antitrust Enforcement Actions Finder Smart Chart

Securities Litigation Module now available on Cheetah

The Securities Litigation Module brings together targeted material that securities litigators need to efficiently prepare for trial. This set of materials provides practice tools and content that support the drafting process as well as highlights issues that are of particular importance to regulatory agencies and others in the securities industry. The Module includes:
Securities Court Briefs—This database of Federal Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court and amicus briefs is updated monthly and currently contains over 675 briefs.
Securities Litigation Smart Charts—The Charts provide quick access to relevant case law searchable by Federal Circuit Court. Organized by topical categories of Pleading and Practice, Settlements, and Substantive Claims, the charts contain executive summaries and links to related analytical material (the treatises Securities Litigation Under the PSLRA by Michael A. Perino and Securities Regulation by Louis Loss, Joel Seligman, and Troy Paredes). Updates are weekly and as noteworthy cases are available.
Securities Litigation Under the PSLRA (formerly Securities Litigation After the Reform Act)—Michael A. Perino takes an in-depth look at the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and how it has been approached and applied by attorneys and courts in cases since its adoption. Updated semi-annually, this is an invaluable strategic reference for any attorney in the process of launching or defending a securities action.

An example of how easily you can look up a case using Smart Charts, here we look up "In re Sanofi"

  1. Choose a topic.
  2. Select jurisdiction.
  3. Click Results.

Results include: Law Summary, Explanation, Treatise Analysis, and Related Cases.

Two new practice tools on Kluwer IP Law

Kluwer IP Law now offers two new tools that allow you to compare a topic among multiple jurisdictions. Contact your Wolters Kluwer account representative for more information or a demonstration of the new tools.

Industrial Design Rights Compare Jurisdictions

Employees’ Intellectual Property Rights Compare Jurisdictions

New book: Party-Appointed Arbitrators in International Commercial Arbitration

This volume presents a detailed, and long overdue, examination of how the process of arbitration is affected when disputing parties each agree to make a unilateral agreed-upon appointment of an arbitrator. Click here for more information and to order.

New book: Arbitration in Belgium. A Practitioner's Guide

This is the first comprehensive treatise in English to provide practical guidance to arbitration practitioners, in-house counsel, and judges on how to conduct arbitrations in Belgium. To facilitate its use, it is structured as an article-by-article commentary on the 2013 law. Click here for more information and to order.

New edition: Private International Law and the Internet, 3rd Edition

The third edition of Private International Law and the Internet presents a detailed and insightful account of what is emerging as the most crucial and current issue in private international law: the interplay of private international law and the Internet. Click here for more information and to order.

New edition: Introduction to Dutch Law, 5th Edition

This fifth edition fully updates its systematic description of the legal sources, institutions and concepts in all major fields of Dutch law. Recent developments that have been covered include the progressive implementation of standards set by international conventions, the reorganization of the judiciary, the statute on environmental law and the (re)codification of private international law. Introduction to Dutch Law serves as a recognized legal resource providing an excellent overview of Dutch law for foreign lawyers. Click here for more information and to order.

Special Briefing from Wolters Kluwer: Overtime Regulations

The final rulings by the Labor Department on white collar overtime brought the expected as well as some surprises last week. In Special Briefing: Final white collar overtime rule carries a few surprises, Wolters Kluwer labor and employment experts Lisa Milam-Perez, J.D., and Pamela Wolf, J.D., discuss these changes and what they mean for employees and employers after December 1, 2016.

Topic highlights include:

  • Bonuses and incentives
  • Lowest-wage Census Region
  • HCE exemption
  • Three-year adjustments

Click here to download a PDF of the special report.

Special Pension Briefing: Exemptive Relief May Soften Impact of Fiduciary Advice Regulations

The Department of Labor has issued sweeping regulations that will require parties that provide investment advice for a fee to plans, plan sponsors, fiduciaries, plan participants, beneficiaries and IRAs and IRA owners to make prudent investment recommendations, without regard to their own interests. Our experts at Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory have prepared a special briefing to help you understand the implications of this ruling, along with the various exemptions.

This special pension briefing delivers expert insights into:

  • Best Interest Contract Exemption
  • Principal Transaction Exemption
  • Amendment of PTE 84-24
  • Transition Relief
  • Grandfather Provision

Click here to download a PDF of the briefing.


Training Tip for Cheetah

Question: Can I personalize Cheetah for my practice area and preferences?

Answer: Yes! As a Cheetah user you can select your default practice area dashboard as well as the resources displayed on each dashboard. Practice areas dashboards with state or international resources can also be personalized to reflect the jurisdictions you follow.
Follow these steps to personalize your Cheetah dashboard(s):

  1. Click on your user ID in the upper right corner of the screen and select Site Preferences.
  2. Choose the appropriate practice area from the drop-down menu and click on SAVE & CLOSE.
  3. Click on the green customization wheel on the upper right of the dashboard.
  4. Choose the group you wish to customize and check the boxes for the desired content to appear on the home screen. Or, check "Do not display this group" to hide the entire group. Repeat for each group as needed.

Click SAVE & CLOSE to save your changes.

This Cheetah SECURITIES AND CORPORATE dashboard is now customized to suit a ‘40 Act user.

Click here for a flyer showing more ways to customize Cheetah.

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