Volume 11, Number 10, October 2015


Upcoming Wolters Kluwer System Maintenance

Wolters Kluwer is planning a system upgrade on November 14. This upgrade will improve the security of the authentication process on IntelliConnect, Cheetah and RBsource/RBsourceFilings.

For most customers this enhancement will be transparent, and no action is required.

However, if your firm uses OneLog, OneLogin, OKTA, LookUp Precision, Research Monitor, or other Digital Resource Management (DRM) software, you will need to make a configuration change in that software over the weekend of November 14 in order to avoid a disruption of service on Monday, November 16.

You’ll find more information at our Customer Support site

You may also contact Wolters Kluwer Technical Support at 800-835-0105 (8 am to 8 pm CT, Monday-Friday), or visit our support page at https://support.cch.com/ticket/contactus.aspx.

New version of Wolters Kluwer Widgets

For quick access to the expert Wolters Kluwer content you know and trust, create a widget for your SharePoint or practice area portal page.

The new version of Wolters Kluwer widgets include:

  • Quick Search Widgets, saving valuable real estate on SharePoint or Portal Pages
  • Ability to work with Intranet Group Policies or SharePoint IE8 and lower tags
  • The addition of several new widgets

Click here to see how widgets work or click here for more information about Wolters Kluwer widgets.


IPO Vital Signs enhanced with ability to research IPO Type — Private Equity or Venture Capital

In response to customer feedback, we have enhanced the IPO Vital Signs advanced IPO research and analysis tool to allow users to quickly identify IPOs that are backed by Private Equity or Venture Capital investments.

The two new Vital Signs reports—Vital Signs #338 and #802—provide spreadsheets that associate the IPO Types with a broad array of other critical elements, including SIC Code, Issuer’s Counsel and Lead Manager. The new functionality helps to surface trends or reveal nuances that distinguish between the different IPO Types.

Click here to request a free demonstration of IPO Vital Signs, or contact your Wolters Kluwer account representative.

Improved Kluwer Law Online (www.kluwerlawonline.com)

Kluwer Law Online has been improved with the following enhancements:

Improved Search Functionality
  • Highlighted search terms
  • Next occurance in document
  • Year of Publication
Improved User Interface
  • Clear distinction between subscribed and non-subscribed products
Improved Access
  • Ability to access the portal with Open Athens and Shibboleth that facilitates remote access through Easy Proxy
  • JAWS - Users with visual disabilities can now enjoy the advantage of using the content from kluwerlawonline.com

You can check out these enhancements at www.kluwerlawonline.com

New book: Fracking: Law and Policy

Fracking: Law and Policy is the single-source reference that addresses all the law and public policy issues relating to fracking. Written by Mark S. Guralnick, this multi-purpose desk book addresses the current law and public policy issues related to fracking. It also serves as a formbook, practice manual, and reference guide covering all key areas of fracking, including the legal, environmental, business, and public policy arenas. Jurisdiction, regulation, litigation, mineral rights and royalties, banking and insurance issues, worker safety and injury claims, insurance coverage, environmental and public health controversies, activism, and more, are all covered. Click here for more information and to order.

New book: A Counsel's Guide to Examining and Preparing Witnesses in International Arbitration

A vivid first-hand live account of the events in issue exerts a strong influence on the arbitrators, and a handful of memorable testimonies can outweigh an avalanche of documents. This book shows how such mastery in the art of witness examination is accomplished. Click here for more information and to order.

New book: Employees' Intellectual Property Rights

This comparative law publication describes and analyzes employers’ acquisition of employee intellectual property rights, first in general and then in depth as manifested in 33 jurisdictions worldwide. The book was developed within the framework of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), a non-affiliated, non-profit organization dedicated to improving and promoting the protection of intellectual property at both the national and international levels. Click here for more information and to order.


Training Tip for IntelliConnect

Question: What is the easiest way to look up news for specific Internal Revenue Code sections within IntelliConnect?

Answer: The easiest way to look up news for specific Internal Revenue Code sections is to use the Federal Tax Practice Tool Federal Tax Current Developments by Code Section Smart Chart which provides convenient access to federal tax current developments for the past 12 months organized by Internal Revenue Code section. The Smart Chart includes links to the text of Tax Day stories and access to related CCH explanations in the Standard Federal Income Tax Reporter, Tax Research Consultant, Federal Excise Tax Reporter, and Federal Estate and Gift Tax Reporter as appropriate.

If a Code section does not appear with the Smart Chart’s “Select Code Section” listing, it means that there have been no current developments for that section within the past 12 months.

Step 1—Select Code Section(s)

Step 2—View Results displayed in reverse chronological order.

Use links to access the Tax Day Story and corresponding CCH Explanations in a variety of publications:
FED = Standard Federal Tax Reporter
FINH = Federal Estate and Gift Tax Reporter
TRC = Tax Research Consultant
ETR = Federal Excise Tax Reporter.

Note: You’ll only be able to access the CCH Explanations that are available within your subscription.

Step 3-Click and choose time frame for viewing recent updates. (Items updated during a specified period will be highlighted in yellow.)

Step 4—Choose to Save, Print, Email and/or Export your chart via commands in blue tool bar on right margin.

Training Resources

See our newly enhanced Training web pages with links for Live Training, Videos, Reference Material, Login, Customer Support and more!

We currently have Training web pages for the following products (with more in development):

Almanac of the Federal Judiciary
Blue Sky Navigator
General Counsel Navigator
Health Reform KnowlEDGE Center
Kluwer IP Law
WK Trademark Navigator

Attend a complimentary instructor-led training. Click here to view a listing of upcoming Custom Learning Webinar sessions. Each session is limited to a single registrant, but any number of attendees from your organization can join the session. The instructor will tailor the course to your subscription content, research needs and time frame. (A maximum of one hour is allotted.) During the session, participant(s) will be encouraged to log in for hands-on activities.

You can also email a training request to us via LegalProTraining@wolterskluwer.com

Contact Wolters Kluwer Law & Business Customer Support

Wolters Kluwer Law & Business—Contact Us

Cheetah and Blue Sky Navigator subscriptions
CALL: 1-800-955-5217 (available 8 am to 6 pm CT Monday-Friday)
EMAIL: customerservice@wolterskluwer.com

IntelliConnect, General Counsel Navigator, Health Reform KnowlEDGE Center, WK Trademark Navigator and RBsource/RBsourceFilings subscriptions
CHAT: http://support.cch.com/chat/techsupport (available 8 am to 6 pm CT Monday-Friday)
CALL: (available 8 am to 8 pm CT Monday-Friday)
Research & Functionality: 1-800-344-3734 option #1 (IntelliConnect) or option #3 (Other inquiries)
Technical Support: 1-800-835-0105 option #1 (IntelliForms) or option #2 (All other inquiries)
EMAIL: customerservice@wolterskluwer.com

LoislawConnect, Almanac of the Federal Judiciary (website) and Kluwer Law International subscriptions
CLICK: estore.loislaw.com
EMAIL: supportservices@loislaw.com (available 3 am to 10 pm CT Monday-Friday)
CALL: 1-877-471-5632 (available 8 am to 8 pm CT Monday - Friday)

SECnet and IPO Vital Signs
CALL: 1-800-955-5219 (toll-free) or 1-202-842-7355 (toll)

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