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Getting Started

SECnet Find a Filing Widget: Instructions for Creation and Display

The SECnet Find a Filing Widget makes it easy to retrieve a SEC EDGAR filing from within your firm's portal or intranet. The widget can be customized to match your design template and if you wish, you can private brand it. You choose the types of search methods to include: company, form-type, date range, and/or keyword.

If you have questions or require assistance, please Contact Us. For an overview and some samples of what a SECnet Find a Filing Widget can do for you, visit the SECnet Widget overview page.

Please follow these simple steps to create and display your widget.

Getting Started

Go to the SECnet Widget Generation Page. This page includes choices for customizing the look and feel of the widget as well as for selecting search options. Once you make your choices, you can preview the widget. When you are satisfied, use the snippets of code to display the widget on your firm portal or intranet.

Using the SECnet Find a Filing Widget Generator

Follow the instructions on the page and use the context sensitive help to get more detailed information. Additional help can be viewed by hovering over the Question Mark icon.

Step 1: Configure the Widget

Use this section of the page to choose the elements of your desired widget. Look and feel options include colors, font, shape and branding. Functional elements such as search options can be selected.

Step 2: Preview the Widget

Once you make your selections, you can preview and test the widget to ensure that it meets your expectations with regard to the elements you selected. If you wish, you can also run test searches at this time.

Step 3: Displaying the Widget

Copy or download the snippet of code in order to display the widget. Two options are provided: a SharePoint Web Part for Microsoft SharePoint users, and an html version for all others. If you are not sure of the process required to display the widget on your portal or intranet, provide the snippet of code to the firm's portal administrator or webmaster.

Tips on Using the SECnet Find a Filing Widget

Once your widget is deployed, you can use it to search for a filing by any of the options you have chosen:

  1. Company Name.  Search a list of company names and select the correct one and then, retrieve filings for that company. Current names are linked to former names.
  2. Form Type.  Use the Drop Down list to select form types. (Note: Form Types Exclude Forms 3, 4, and 5).
  3. Full Text  A separate Widget allows you to conduct full text searches of SEC filings with individual search terms, phrases (in quotes).

Authentication for any SECnet widget will operate in the same way that your current SECnet authentication works. For an IP authenticated user it means you will have to provide a user name on the first use, but will be automatically passed through to your results if you choose the Remember Me option. For a Username and Password user, the first time you use the Widget during a research session, you'll be prompted by a sign in screen, after which you will automatically be passed through to your results.

Otherwise, the widget works the same way as the various searches operate from within SECnet, as the widget merely exposes the functionality that already exists within the product.