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    SECnet Widget Generation Page

    Creating and importing a SECnet Widget is an easy three step process. If you have questions or require assistance, please Contact Us, or visit the Getting Started page for more instructions, help, and tips.
  1. Configure The Widget

    Note: Hover over the help icons for help tips.
    help Widget Type:
    help Basic Layout Shape:      Width - Fixed  Auto  
    help Basic Color Scheme:
    help Background Color:   Border Color:
    help Text Color:        Link Color:
    help Font:
    help Logo: Hide    Show     Logo Image:     Logo Link:    
    help Reset All:


  2. Preview and Test The Widget

    Verify correct style and display, and enter search criteria to verify correct functionality.

  3. Copy or Download The Widget "Code Snippet"

    1. Copy or Download the contents of the appropriate textarea below (to copy, click the content area, press Control-a for "select all")
    2. Give the copied snippet to the webmaster or administrator of your Intranet, Extranet, Web or Sharepoint site, with the instructions:
      Webmaster: The attached line of code will create and display a SECnet Widget wherever it is placed within HTML source.
    3. Note: <script> snippets may not email correctly due to virus protection. You may need to save the code snippet into a text file and send that as an attachment.
    HTML (for standard Web pages):

    Webpart (for import into Microsoft Sharepoint):

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