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Since the early days of franchise law over 20 years ago, the CCH Business Franchise Guide has been the only single source of state franchising and distribution laws, regulations, uniform disclosure formats and full-text case reporting.

CCH has also expanded our coverage of Franchise and Distribution Law by publishing Product Distribution Law Guide, written for business and legal professionals, the Guide provides a view of the increasingly complex area of business that balances regulatory principles and business building strategies to provide useful, real world guidance.

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FTC Disclosure Rules for Franchising and Business Opportunities Released January 23, 2007
After 12 years of rulemaking activity, the Federal Trade Commission issued the first revision to the FTC franchise disclosure rule since it was promulgated in 1979. The Commission amendments to the rule include separating requirements for franchising and business opportunity ventures. 

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New Edition! Product Distribution Law Guide
The world of product distribution has changed dramatically in the last 25 years—revolutionary marketing relationships, new business formats, international expansion, and business consolidations have all impacted the way products are distributed and the laws which govern distribution.

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