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All around the world, business people and their professional advisers are facing more complex legislation and greater regulation than ever before. Keeping in touch with a world of knowledge is no longer an ideal but a necessity, and having easy access to that knowledge when you need it is crucial.

At CCH, we provide that quality information to help our clients achieve their goal efficiently, effectively and profitably.

You will find below a small selection of the hundreds of products produced worldwide by CCH international companies. If you cannot find what you need, please contact your nearest CCH office or browse through the list of CCH international products.

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or e-mail CCH's Customer Service with inquires.

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China Laws for Foreign Business: Business Regulation

This service offers a comprehensive bilingual collection of key business laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China. It is an invaluable resource when negotiating with Chinese business organizations or government departments.

Text is presented in English with the original Chinese for easy cross-referencing between the official legislation and the translation. English and Chinese text is shown side by side in the print format.

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China Laws for Foreign Business: Special Zones & Cities

This service includes the local laws issued by the people’s congress and governments in the special investment areas of the People’s Republic of China.

The authoritative English translation of laws and regulations includes the original Chinese text. The print format displays the official Chinese text and English translation on facing pages.

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China Laws for Foreign Business: Taxation & Customs

This service offers a comprehensive collection of the Chinese taxation and customs laws that affect foreign businesses operating in China.

An ideal resource for those in negotiations with Chinese business organizations and government departments, text is presented in English and the original Chinese. 

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