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SECnet Widget a customizable, importable, search portlet

What's a Widget?

A Widget is a fully functional search portlet you can customize and place on your intranet, extranet, or SharePoint website. SECnet widgets are search utilities offered to subscribers.

The SECnet Find a Filing Widget makes it easy to retrieve an SEC EDGAR filing from within your firm's portal or intranet. The widget can be customized to match your design template and if you wish, you can private brand it. You choose the types of search methods to include: company, form-type, date range, and/or keyword.

Getting Started

Widget Samples

Here are a few SECnet Find a Filing Widget Samples:

SECnet Basic Search Filings without Logo

SECnet Basic Search Filings with Logo

SECnet No-Action Letter Search (Blue)

SECnet No-Action Letter with custom logo

SECnet Basic Full Text Search Filings Banner